A Northern California TV station was forced to cut their newscast short in order to evacuate a wildfire that’s burning out of control in Shasta County.

The Redding station, KRCR, was providing live coverage of the fire when news anchors Allison Woods and Tamara Damante announced on air that they were evacuating.

The anchors kept their composure. Through just slightly trembling voices, they explained it was time to go.

“We are going to leave the station because it is no unsafe to be here,” Woods explained.

The fire is being called the Carr Fire, and exploded to almost 30,000 acres Thursday night.

 A private hire dozer operator was killed in the blaze.

Three firefighters have been hurt.

Here’s a list of evacuations:

Additional Evacuation Orders Issued 7/26/2018 @7:00PM:
  • South along Swasey Dr from SR 299 to Placer Rd.
  • West along Placer Rd From Swasey Dr to Prospect Dr
  • North from Prospect Dr to encompass Middle Park Ranch Land Area
  • West of Overhill Dr and North of SR 299
  • North of SR 299 and West of Spinmaker Rd to the end of Harlan Dr
  • Keswick Dam East to Counter Lane, North to Quartz Hill Rd

    The community of French Gulch is under an Evactuation Order. Residents along SR 299 west of Trinity Mountain Rd to the base of Buckhorn Summit are also under evacuation order. Residents along Whiskey Creek Rd to include the boat launch/day use areas are evactuated. SR 299W closure for westbound traffic now at Buenaventura Blvd. Closure to eastbound traffic remains at Buckhorn Summit. South along Swasey Dr from SR 299 to Placer Rd, West along Placer Rd from Swasey Dr to Prospect Dr and North from Prospect Dr to common place Middletown Park.

    Residents located east of Trinity Mountain Road use evacuation center located at Shasta College 11555 Old Oregon Trail in Redding. Residents located west of Trinity Mountain Road use evacuation center located at Weaverville Elementary School 31020 HWY 3 in Weaverville.

    Animal evacuation centers: Large Animal – Redding Rodeo Grounds 715 Auditorium Drive Redding, Ca.
    Small Animal – Haven Humane 9417 East Side Drive Redding, Ca.

    For information on evacuation notifications visit http://www.shascom911.com