Wild animal sightings across Bay Area increase during pandemic


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — A wild turkey has seemed to have claimed San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood as her nesting ground.

Another one was spotted in downtown Oakland.

A photographer snapped a shot of a coyote lounging at the Golden Gate Bridge overlook in Marin, but there are have been so many calls to San Francisco animal control about the wild canines that one worker called the shelter in place order, Sunday streets for coyotes.

Lila Travis with the Yggdrasil Urban Wildlife Center says she’s been getting triple the number of calls to her nonprofit.

“Having shut down our volunteer program, we find ourselves understaffed and having three times the amount of animals coming in,” Travis said. “So it’s been quite interesting since the shelter in place.”

She believes one reason is that people are slowing down and now more aware of what’s around them.

“I also think that it’s that suddenly the human encroachment has pulled back from society and animals are reacting by moving out into human environments,” she said. “For number of reasons, one because were suddenly not there. But also because our garbage is not there and some food sources have suddenly disappeared and it’s forcing the animals to spread out into our city to find food.”

This also coincides with birthing season for many animals — including deer.

A young fawn was found in Fremont. Travis said it’s best to leave baby deer alone, the moms are going to come.

Wildcare in Marin County said they are taking in fewer animals hit by cars, but they worry that they will seen a big spike in those cases right after the shelter in place orders are lifted.

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