Woman finds human remains in her backyard


HARMONY GROVE, Wis. (CNN Newsource) — A woman in Wisconsin found human remains buried in her own backyard.

Now, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office is working with other agencies to figure out who the remains belong to — and how they ended up where they did.

“My first emotion was this has got to be a joke,” the woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said. “I thought maybe my husband was playing a trick on me and he put it there or something like that.”

Last Sunday was supposed to be just normal routine while she was shuffling through a box in her back yard.

“The mulch was all, kinda mounded and I just went to kick a box over and it was just right there.”

What she saw was a row of human teeth, from a partially descended wisdom tooth up to the canine, still connected to the bone.

“I just didn’t know what to do,” she said. I wasn’t understanding, you know, so I literally cried, like oh my gosh. This is not for real, you know.”

She called police, who brought a K9 to search the rest of the yard and a nearby construction site.

They didn’t find anything more, but while the investigation is ongoing, the sheriff’s office wants to keep the locations withheld.

The sheriff’s office also mentioned a continued effort to locate the body of Beth Kutz, who went missing in July of 2000.

Her estranged husband Dan Kutz was convicted of her murder in 2001, but refused to disclose the location of her body.

No one can confirm if the cases are related.

The woman who found it thinks it came with the mulch it was found in.

“I could see if the dogs came home with something, but this was just really odd and strange that it just happened to be right there when I turned around,” she said. “It was almost like, was I meant to find this?”

But she hopes whoever the remains are tied to, it can bring peace to the family involved.

“Hopefully we find out and hopefully it does somebody good,” she said.

The woman said investigators told her it could be a while before they get any answers.

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