ST. HELENA (BCN) — Tragedy struck a young married couple vacationing from the mid-west Tuesday afternoon when the wife died after her bicycle struck the side of a box truck on Main Street in St. Helena, a police sergeant said.

The woman, who entered Main Street from a private driveway leading from the Inn at Southbridge business complex, was turning left, or south, around 1:50 p.m. when she struck the passenger side of a northbound box truck at a right angle mid-way between the cab and the back axle of the truck, police Sgt. Matt Talbott said.

The bike fell under the wheels of the truck and she was pronounced dead at the scene, Talbott said. The woman’s husband was riding behind her when the fatal collision occurred.

The driver was operating a privately owned truck that delivers mail between the Bay Area and St. Helena. He did not see the collision but felt something and stopped, Talbott said.

Police are not identifying the couple or the truck driver, who did not have his driver’s license with him, Talbott said.

The driver had stopped and then drove forward at about 5 mph when the collision occurred, Talbott said.

“They were a pretty young couple. They were on vacation and had been to a few places,” Talbott said.

The Inn at Southbridge complex contains the Merryvale Winery, a spa, hotel, pizzeria and restaurant, Talbott said.

Traffic was stop-and-go and already was backed up more than usual on state Highway 29, which becomes Main Street in St. Helena, Talbott said.

The California Highway Patrol is assisting St. Helena police with the investigation of the collision, Talbott said.