(KRON) — A woman was taken into custody Friday by the Salinas Police Department for brandishing a replica handgun at a post office while demanding her mail. Yelena Shen, 41, threatened staff at a Salinas post office when they were unable to give her mail to her.

She said she would be back in four days to get it, all the while holding the fake gun. She then left the post office and the Salinas police were called.

Officers from the department worked with the Postal Inspection to set up a sting operation. Shen was called, letting her know her mail had been found. She agreed to meet and pick it up.

“To her surprise it wasn’t her mail she received but handcuffs instead,” said the Salinas police in a social media post.

Shen had undergone a change of address request and was processed at the Monterey County Jail for numerous charges.

The Salinas police went on to point out that crimes committed at the post office are federal offenses.