EUSTIS, Fla. (CNN Newsource) — Two women at the center of a racist rant caught on video in Florida are now getting help from their victim.

The video shows the women telling a Burger King manager in Eustis to go back to Mexico.

But the women later apologized.

“Go back to Mexico!” the woman said.

It was a racist rant going on in a Burger King caught on video and getting attention online.

Two women yelled at the manager after hearing his speak Spanish with another employee.

Ricardo Castillo has been working at the Burger King restaurant for over 18 years.

He said never before have customers hurt him this way.

“It’s my first experience,” he said. “It never, ever, ever happened to me before.”

But the emotion that came from the confrontation didn’t compare to the feelings carried by the letter that came to the restaurant thereafter.

It was an apology signed by “two old but much wiser ladies.”

The women are sisters who regretted their words, calling them out of character.

Their letter explained they both lost their husbands, one very recently, and both are having trouble coping with loss and with financial troubles, saying their pain and stress led to an “irrational moment.”

“We all make mistakes, we’re not perfect,” Castillo said. “When you’re mad and enraged you just say something you don’t really mean.”

Castillo was stunned.

Taking what he learned from the letter, he went to social media to address the same people who were angry by what they’d heard the women say initially and asked for a helping hand.

He started a fundraiser for the two women, hoping he can help to ease their financial strain.

“We’re all the same,” Castillo said. “We all bleed the same. We’re all human beings. We should all be looking out for each other.”

He said he’s hoping to meet face to face with the sisters soon.

“I forgive them 100 percent,” he said.

And they have an invitation back at the Burger King in Eustis.

“More than welcome.”