Workout equipment for New Year’s resolutioners

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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — After eating lavish meals during the holidays, many hit the gyms hoping to get fit for their New Year’s resolutions.

If you are one of those people looking to burn off that turkey, ham, and egg nog, here are some items that might help you:

Cold Shoulder Weight Loss Vest–Created by a NASA Scientist, the Cold Shoulder Vest can help people burn up to 500 calories a day by utilizing the power of Mild Cold Exposure. They raised over 250K on Kickstarter last year and will be releasing a new version of the vest later this year. Don’t let those extra holiday pounds follow you into the New Year! Retail Price: $195.

FlipBelt–Sprint into the New Year with the world’s BEST running belt! FlipBelt has created a hands-free solution to carrying your phone and other belongs while working out or while on the go. The tubular band fits snuggly around your upper or lower hip and safely holds cell phones, car keys, money, credit cards, inhalers and more, with their 3-inch wide pocket fitting the even biggest of cell phones(even the 6 plus). Celebrities such as Candace Cameron Bure and Natalie Dormer have been spotted wearing  FlipBelt during their workouts. Retail Price: $28.99

Kacelia-Created by a Chicago Chiropractor and her husband the Tru-Align Body System by Kacelia is a revolutionary, self-care treatment system that is clinically proven to alleviate back and neck pain and other bodily ailments such as nausea, headaches and more, while improving posture in alignment by just using 20 minutes a day.  Start the New Year right with focusing on a healthier you!  Retail Price: $395

ADActivewear–Created by women for women, the Hytail Hat allows women to comfortably wear their hair high in a ponytail (with or without a hair tie), while on the court, in the field, during a run or even relaxing in the sun. They recently released their new Athletic Hytail which has been spotted on Tennis Pro and former Wimbledon champ Vania King.  The Athletic Hytail Hat combines their classic, comfortable design with sporty new features such as moisture wicking material which can help regulate sweat.   Retail Price: $24.99

Sworkit-Sticking to that New Years Resolution to get in shape has never been easier.  Conveniently eliminating every excuse not to exercise, the unique completely FREE app is like having a personal trainer at your fingertips.  Just choose the type of workout you’re looking for and how long you want it to last and the app assembles individual exercises in real time, to meet any and all of your fitness needs.  It then puts all of the exercises in your own personal “workout playlist.”  These playlists can be shared, modified, and edited to tailor to your individual focus.  Sworkit has recently released an amazing kid friendly app aimed at helping children meet their suggested daily exercise needs while teaching them from a young age that exercise can be fun.

Rejuva-Bring in the New Year looking and feeling your best with Rejuva.  Created for men and women alike, Rejuva will revolutionize the way you think of compression stockings.  Everyone will love Rejuva’s stylish line of medical grade

socks, knee highs, pantyhose, and stockings.  Designed to reduce feelings of heaviness and tiredness, relieve swelling, and energize fatigued legs, you’ll find that Rejuva’s products are as effective as they are fashionable.   Retail: $29.99-69.99

Nth Degree–Backed by MLB All-Star Mariano Rivera, Nth Degree Innovation’s Enhanced Sports Drink is offering a healthier alternative to many “old school” sport beverages.  Each drink is free from all preservatives and artificial ingredients.

  The Enhanced Sports Drink comes in a variety of delicious flavors.  Nth Degree has also released a line of fortified Sport Waters that are calorie free.  At Nth Degree they design their products to reflect their belief that “What you put in your body matters!” Retail 24.99 for a case of 12

Simply Gum-Keeping your promise to stay healthy this New Year has never been more simple.  The premium chewing gum brand is offering the world what it has been missing with ingredients derived from nature-not a test

tube.  Created simply using only six all natural ingredients Simply Gum offers a health and environmentally sound product that is completely unique to the industry. With flavors such as mint, cinnamon, fennel licorice, maple, ginger, or coffee you are sure tofind the perfect stocking stuffer that will please any tastebuds.  Simply Gum is available at retailers across the nation or can be purchased online. Retail: 6PK is 14.99

Bondi Band-Sporting Bondi Band’s unique customizable headbands and armbands will make getting in shape this year fashionable and fun.  They can be personalized with logos, sayings, nicknames, and m

ore to reflect their wearers’ spirits.  Made with non slip and sweat wicking material, Bondi Band will keep you looking and feeling great in the midst of any workout. Retail $9.00-$30.00 

Wojo-With every new year comes 365 days filled with their own unique challenges, but Wojo Nutrition’s wellness-inducing liquid supplements are here to help.  Each supplement is created with a base of 6 B vitamins and th

en perfectly blended to tailor to your individual need whether it be energy, calm, or focus.  They can be added to any hot or cold beverage to mask the displeasing vitamin taste.  Wojo has recently created a box set exclusively for the holidays, featuring one each of their three current offerings: wojoENERGY, wojoCALM, and wojoFOCUS. Retail: 3PK is 20.00  

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