(KRON) — The second annual East Bay celebration of World Goth Day is coming to Alameda later this month. The Menagerie Alameda is bringing its celebration to the USS Hornet, allegedly one of the most haunted places in America on Saturday, May 21.

Guests are invited to come “draped in your finest black” to the all-day celebration of all things goth. The daylight hours will feature tours of the Hornet and a below-deck market featuring curated handmade gothic wares, oddities and art. There will also be food, drinks and a hangar bay dance club featuring DJs: Zlaya, Miz Margo, Adrienne Scissorhands and Fledermaus.

When night falls, musical entertainment begins with performances by Monica Richards and Anthony Jones. Supporting acts include tribute acts to two of goth’s most beloved bands: The Reptile House (Sisters of Mercy) and Dead Souls (Joy Division).

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The goth subculture originally popped up in the UK in the early 1980s as a darker off-shoot of punk and post-punk. In addition to Joy Division and Sisters of Mercy, other notable goth bands included Bauhaus, the Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Visitors to the World Goth Day Festival are advised to buy tickets in advance. Cash bars and food will also be available during the evening performance.

For more information, visit www.themenagerieodditesmarket.com