Archaeologists dig up skeleton with knife for an arm

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - What a cool discovery! 

The remains of a Lombard warrior found in northern Italy revealed that the clever improviser used a knife and buckle to improvise for what we know today as prosthetics. 

According to Archaeology Magazine, researchers were able to discern that, based on the wear on his teeth from adjusting the prosthetic's straps and the callus and bone spurs on his stump, he was using the sword regularly as a replacement arm. 

"According to Ileana Micarelli of the Sapienza University of Rome, the man, possibly a combatant in the A.D. 568 Lombard invasion of Italy, was well cared for following the operation," the magazine reported.

The internet is having a field day with this ancient warrior's choice of prosthetic. 





















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