Climate change is threatening the world’s wine supply, new research shows


(CNN) — A new study finds climate change is threatening the global supply of wine.

It found that if the global temperature rises by 3.6 degrees fahrenheit in the next 80 years — wine regions could shrink by up to 56-percent.

If there’s a rise of 7.2 degrees, 85-percent of those regions would be ruined.

Such massive losses would likely create a global shortage of wine, which would drive up prices.

One of the study’s co-authors says it boils down to grapes being sensitive to temperature change.

Places like Italy, Spain, and Australia could be the hardest hit.

Researchers focused on 11 grape varieties — out of the 1,100 or so that exist.

The international team of researchers say switching grape varieties or quantities could help cut those losses.

The study was published Monday in “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,” a peer-reviewed journal.

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