A local doctor recently returned from Ukraine after delivering medical supplies to hospitals. He talked to KRON4 about the devastation he saw and how despite being scared, he wants to go back and do more.  

San Francisco doctor Eduardo Dolhoun on his journey to Ukraine as he and a colleague delivered 500 pounds of medical supplies to the front lines.

Dolhoun says they got straight to work meeting with a Ukrainian doctor at a military hospital.

Dr. Oksankana stated in an interview, “it is terrible time, we need help from all of you.”

Dr. Dolhoun told KRON4, “about three to four times a day, the sirens come, most people duck for cover in basements or fallout shelters and things like that. So it’s eerie.”

KRON4 spoke with the doctor now back from his week-long trip.  

He said, “ I have done a lot of disaster medicine in my 12 years, in really bad situations. This was the scariest there by far, the most treacherous trip.”

Dolhoun said the devastation is far worse than what we see on the news.

“You see people with shrapnel, bloody faces and children are dying in their mothers arms. They are starving,” he says.

He tells KRON4 that the medical supplies included a dehydration  powder called drip drop to help out.

He stated, “as scary as it was, I didn’t want to leave, had I not had a practice here in San francisco, I would have stayed.”

Dr. Dolhoun says he will go back in a few months, adding it is the least he can do in this horrible war. Despite the horror he saw first-hand, he did see up close the strength of the Ukrainian people.

“The resolve was amazing.  Ukrainians are fiercely independent and they are willing to die for every inch of their territory. That I think is a big problem for Putin and the Russians,” he said.