Scientist captures reality of Greenland melting


Eight sled dogs – walking on water. 

That’s what it looks like at least. 

Check out these gorgeous photos taken in Northwest Greenland last week.

You can see the dogs wading ankle-deep through a melting ice sheet. 

But as beautiful as the photo is, the man who took it says this is a big problem. 

Steffen Olsen – a scientist with the Danish Meteorological Institute – was on a routine mission to pick up oceanographic and weather monitoring tools that were put on the ice. 

But with the water covering the normally flat white sea ice – he couldn’t see them. 

It’s early for what’s called “melt season” in Greenland. 

In line with scientists’ prediction that it’s going to be a record year for melting on the ice sheet. 

Scientists say if these extreme melt season become the new norm, it could cause a ripple effect around the world, especially for sea level rise. 

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