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Taiwan plays ball and broadcasts live games to the world


(CNN NEWSOURCE) – Sports around the world are cancelled, except in Taiwan.

Baseball season began this week and was broadcast live with English language announcers so audiences can tune in, no matter where they live.

This is not a rerun.

It’s a baseball game that was broadcast live, Thursday night.

That’s right, live professional baseball in the time of coronavirus played with a Taiwanese twist.

While almost all other sports  around the world have been cancelled, Taiwan’s baseball season has just begun.

“I really welcome everybody to enjoy our games especially when there’s no game in the States, no game in Japan, no Game in Korea. No game anywhere!” Richard Wang said.

CNN caught up with Richard Wang before he went on air to announce Thursday night’s game between the monkeys and the lions.

CNN International Correspondent: “Taiwan is one of the only places in the world that still has sports being played right now.”
Richard Wang: “Yes! And that is because we did a pretty good job on the pandemic prevention!”

Taiwan’s daily new coronavirus infections hit zero this week with only six lives lost to the disease to date.

So that means, game on and a Taiwanese sports channel is live-streaming the games to the world for free.

“We hope we can cheer up all the people who might be under the impact of the coronavirus. So don’t feel sad, because Taiwan is offering the live actions to them,” Simone Kang, General Manager of Eleven Sports Taiwan, said.

Among those watching, Taiwan’s president and her cat. 

Health guidelines mean there are no human spectators in the stadium. The Taiwanese use cardboard cut-outs and mannequins to replace the cheering fans.

“Without them it’s kind of quiet. But we still have the music on. We have the robot drummers,” Wang said. “The club got this robot figure that plays the drum during the games.”

In the middle of this global sports drought, Taiwan may have hit a home run.

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