VIDEO: In 'crazy turn of events,' huge snake eats another snake that was attacking rat

QUEENSLAND, Australia (KRON) - In a "crazy turn of events," a snake that was attacking a rat turned out to be the meal of another snake that came into the picture. 

According to a Facebook post by Queensland-based Andrew's Snake Removal, Jessica Mace of Mulgowie walked into the shed when she first witnessed the violent encounter. 

She noticed a large eastern brown snake slithering about 16 feet up toward a rat's nest with a python in its mouth.

"The python was coiled around a rat & not letting go," Andrew's SNAKE Removal said. 

The snake removal company said the snakes dropped to the ground and both started to"struggle" over the rat.

"The python had coiled itself around the brown snakes head, this went on for a good half hour before the brown broke free & unfortunately for the python once it had been envenomated it was all over, little python still put up a fight but it didn't last much longer & was ultimately eaten," the group described.

"When you have hay sheds, barns horse stables etc then you're going to get rodents & plenty of them, in return you're going to get equal both brown snakes & pythons with plenty of rodents to feed on between them," the company warned.

"To sum up: the rat the little python was eating is now dead, the python who was enjoying the rat for lunch is now in the stomach of the brown snake," the company ended the post. 

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