VIDEO: Weightlifter attacked at gym for making too much noise

MONTREAL, Quebec (KRON) - A 19-year-old lifting weights at a gym in Canada was attacked by another man who got upset about how much noise he was making during the workout. 

According to the Montreal Gazette, 19-year-old Charles Lalonde was doing deadlifts with a 350-pound barbell at Buzz Fit gym in Montreal, Quebec. 

Video of the incident was posted to YouTube by Lalonde's trainer, Pete Rubish. 

In the video, another gym-goer walks over to Lalonde while he's lifting and steps on the bar bell, knocking it out of his hands. The two then get into a verbal argument and the man shoves Lalonde. 

Lalonde walks away and the camera is then turned off. 




According to Rubish, Lalonde had previously been reprimanded by gym staff for deadlifting too loudly.

Since that warning, Lalonde, taking the gym's recommendation, had been placing mats under the weights.

In an update, Rubish said Lalonde is "grateful for all the support" and plans to press charges against the unidentified man. 

According to the Gazette, a gym spokesperson says the man who attacked Lalonde has since been banned from the gym and an employee in connection with the incident has been suspended. 

Craig Johnson, head of operations for Buzzfit gyms, also says he has tried to contact Lalonde to offer him and his family a lifetime membership. 



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