(KRON) — The artist formerly known as Kanye West made headlines again on Thursday. After telling Alex Jones that he likes Hitler, the rapper took to his recently reactivated Twitter account to share a barrage of tweets.

One of the tweets, which has since been deleted, showed an image of a swastika crossed with a Star of David. Another, which has also been deleted, appeared to show Twitter CEO Elon Musk texting Ye that he did not like the tweet. Both tweets were taken down because they “violated the Twitter rules.”

The alleged text from Musk reads, “Sorry, but you have gone too far. This is not love.” Ye responded, “Who made you the judge.” Ye then tweeted a picture of Musk shirtless, saying it would be his final tweet. Musk said Ye’s account would be suspended.

Earlier in the day, Musk responded to a Ye tweet that said in part, “I pray to Jesus that Elon is for real.” Musk responded, “Jesus taught love, kindness and forgiveness. I used to think that turning the other cheek was weak & foolish, but I was the fool for not appreciating its profound wisdom.”

The chaos was not limited to Musk. In another tweet Thursday night, Ye insinuated that he caught his ex-wife Kim Kardashian romantically involved with NBA star Chris Paul.

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The tweets continued what has been an eventful week for Ye, who was spotted at dinner with former President Trump and white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

It is also the latest controversy that Musk has been involved in since buying Twitter. There have been widespread layoffs at the company, with the New York Times reporting that about 3,700 jobs were eliminated.