‘Yes on 6’ campaign holds rally in San Leandro


Happening today — organizers who support the gas tax repeal campaign will be getting their message out, along with some free gas! 

People behind the gas tax repeal are doing their last full day of campaigning a day before the midterm elections. 

Many of them will be at gas stations across the state, including one in San Leandro this morning. 

They’re against the gas tax increase, claiming the billions of dollars raised won’t be earmarked for road improvements, but instead will go into a general fund. 

The free gas drawing will be held from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday where drivers who pledge to support Prop 6 can register for the statewide drawing where 1 in every 50 people registered will receive a $50 gas card. 

No on Prop 6 responded with the following statement: 

“It is illegal to offer anything of value for a pledge to vote, and our campaign will be taking legal action to address this desperate stunt. More importantly, voters need to know that Prop 6 is a dangerous measure that eliminates $5 billion in funding for California’s crumbling roads and bridges.”  – Robin Swanson, Spokesperson, No on Prop 6



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