(KRON) — Yesenia Sanchez, a division commander with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, declared victory in her race for county sheriff. Incumbent Greg Ahern, who was first elected Alameda County Sheriff in 2006, has conceded.

While the results haven’t been certified yet, all precincts have reported. Sanchez has more than 52 percent of the vote to Ahern’s 31 percent. If the votes hold, there would be no need for a runoff.

Yesenia Sanchez said the voters have spoken.

“We are a very diverse community, and we haven’t had that representation, at least with the sheriff’s office ever. This is something that they’ve been looking towards, and the times are to move away from old traditional values really, and to move into new paths or new approaches in law enforcement,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez is a 25-year veteran of the sheriff’s office and says she will be a different kind of sheriff than incumbent Greg Ahern, who was first elected 16 years ago.

“I’m not afraid to say that I love the folks and the jobs that you know, they do, and show them that I appreciate them. I will not be leading them by fear or any type of you know, leadership style that tells them that, get it done, and I don’t care how you do it,” said Sanchez.

In addition to less cooperation with federal immigration authorities, Sanchez said her focus will be on reform.

“Making sure that we are accountable, having a higher level of accountability, which will include making sure that our internal affairs unit is autonomous,” added Sanchez.

Sanchez had been in charge of the Santa Rita jail for the last two years and said she plans to continue making changes there, including bringing more services and job opportunities to inmates to reduce recidivism.

“If we have a way or mechanism to have them touch services or opportunities that they never thought of or never have been exposed to that really is what will be key in preventing crime,” said Sanchez.

With her victory, Sanchez is one of two Latinas who will become a California sheriff. It’s a first for this state and something she’s proud of.

“The impossible became possible and it really speaks to if you have the drive and the effort just to pursue your goals,” said Sanchez.