SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – With the clock ticking, polls continue to give presidential challenger Joe Biden a significant edge.

In some cases, a double digit lead.

Catherine Heenan, host of ‘Inside Bay Area Politics’, spoke with one of our political experts for some insight.

If the Trump campaign is going to change the trajectory of this race, Professor David McCuan says they’re running out of time.

While we might not exactly look at this political season as serene or uneventful, McCuan says the presidential race has nonetheless been ‘stable’ regarding the two major candidates.

A final debate between the president and Biden is scheduled for next Thursday night.

KRON4 will carry it live.

One more layer of concern for the Trump campaign, polls indicate that most voters have already decided and many have already voted.

Watch the full interview with Professor McCuan above.

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