SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – The huge early vote, the last rush of campaigning. What should people be paying attention to over the last weekend of the presidential race?

KRON4 talked to Professor David McCuan of Sonoma State University for his thoughts on the state of the race.

“If you think about what has happened in the last couple of days, we’ve seen a tightening in the polls which we would expect. The closing is different than what we saw in 2016 because we’ve seen such a large uptick in the early votes. In 2016, there were 93-million people who were eligible to vote who didn’t vote, we’re not seeing that in this particular election. We are seeing almost that number today who have already voted, especially big numbers in Texas and in Florida, and in Florida, the president has to win Florida to have a path to 270. Joe Biden has to do well in the upper midwest, particularly in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

So as we move closer to election night and this big weekend, viewers should pay attention to where the candidates are spending their time because that means they think they have a shot in that area, and really their most precious commodity is time as we move closer and closer to the Tuesday Election. For Republicans, they’re going to want to talk about the shy Trump voters, they’ll want to talk about the voters who didn’t want to advertise themselves in 2016 and ultimately voted for candidate Trump to become President Trump.

This is a different dynamic though, it’s building to a wave and that potentially could have down-ballot effects, and that means Democrats are sensing victory in Senate races as well. Now, if Democrats lose the race, they’re going to have to do so much soul searching about what comes next for them, that that would be a big deal. What we see so far is a wave that’s building based on these huge enthusiasm numbers that we’re seeing all over the country.”

Professor David McCuan

Professor McCuan will join Catherine Heenan on election night as part of our team of political analysts.

Our coverage starts at 3 p.m. on Tuesday.

Watch the full interview with McCuan above.

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