Zoo mourns the death of two-week-old baby giraffe this morning

giraffe zoo_1541262692539.jpg_61064640_ver1.0_640_360_1541269182405.jpg.jpg

The Virginia Zoo announced this morning that Baby G, the two-week-old giraffe, has passed away. 

They say he took a turn for the worst on Wednesday with a decrease in appetite and change in behavior.

Zoo officials quickly recognized the decline in health and went to work in order to save his life. 

“Our calf was given every viable option to help him, including antibiotics, fluids, and plasma transfusions – which help to boost the immune systems of neonate giraffe calves that don’t nurse from their mothers right away.”

They appreciate the rally of the community for being there to support Baby G, as well as the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium who supplied the plasma for the transfusion. 



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