Newsfeed Now: 79th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack, man survives cardiac arrest & taken off life support

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(NEXSTAR) – Monday marks the 79th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

An annual commemoration ceremony will be held at the historic site Monday morning to honor those killed in the attack.

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Other stories in today’s show:

CORONAVIRUS VACCINE CONCERNS: There has been much buzz and excitement over the promise of a COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon from multiple pharmaceutical companies. However, the question remains, can the vaccine be forced by employers, businesses, or venues?

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COVID SCAMS: COVID-19 vaccines are on the way — and so are the vaccine scams.

Security experts are warning Americans to be on their guard and avoid offers that sound too good to be true. It turns out there are a lot of them.

Investigators with the Department of Homeland Security have been working coronavirus-related cons since April, when they rolled out ‘Operation Stolen Promise.’ Since then, they’ve analyzed more than 70,000 websites suspected of being involved in COVID-19-related fraud.

They’re now working with Pfizer, Moderna and dozens of other companies on the safe distribution of COVID-19 vaccines while preparing for the new schemes they know are on the way.

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NBA and COVID-19: The NBA’s preseason begins Friday.

Unlike earlier this year, the games will not go on in a bubble at the same place.

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DIRECT RESTAURANT RELIEF EXCLUDED FROM LATEST STIMULUS BILL: Despite support from more than 250 bipartisan members of Congress, a piece of legislation to help restaurants is not included in the latest COVID relief proposal.

The pandemic has forced one in six restaurants nationwide to close permanently and more than 2 million employees have lost their jobs, according to the Independent Restaurant Coalition.

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MALE TEXAS STUDENT SUSPENDED FOR PAINTED NAILS: Thousands of people have signed a petition in support of a Texas high school student who was given in-school suspension for having painted nails.

Senior Trevor Wilkinson started a petition to ‘Allow Males to Wear Nail Polish‘ after he was given ISS for his nails Thursday. He was also told he is not allowed to return to class until he takes the nail polish off.

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21-YEAR-OLD SURVIVES CARDIAC ARREST, BEING TAKEN OFF LIFE SUPPORT: Beth Horvatic says a miracle is the only explanation why her son, Benedict, is alive.

Benedict experienced sudden cardiac arrest while he was sleeping on September 22.

His brain was severely damaged from lack of oxygen, landing him in a coma for 10 days, and eventually, doctors put him on life support.

For more information, check out the full story from FOX4.


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