(KRON) — In the NFL, it is tradition for veteran players to stick a rookie with the bill after a pricey dinner. Deebo Samuel even had to pay $3,700 at a Denver steakhouse when he first entered the league. But just how high can that number go?

A video circulating on social media Monday showed a group of San Francisco 49ers players out to dinner before zooming in on a bill of $322,391.05, suggesting that rookie defensive end Drake Jackson was responsible for paying it.

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The bill included pricey menu items like two $250 tomahawk steaks, three $125 jumbo lobsters, and at the bottom, a tip of $200,000. But did Jackson, who earns a salary of $705,000, really have to pay that?

It turns out, the answer is no. Niners veteran defensive end Arik Armstead took to Twitter to clear up the confusion.

Armstead explained that the gaudy bill was intended as a prank on the youngster and the waitress went “overboard.” The actual cost of the dinner was around $7,500 (the bill shows $7,691.05 before a few suspicious charges at the bottom boosted it up into the six-figure range). Armstead and another veteran chipped in $1,000 each and had the rookies split the rest.

“We had a great time too. I had good vets as a young player I would never do a rookie like that,” Armstead said.

While Jackson did shell out a pretty penny for the night out, he did not have to completely drain his checking account.