SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – As the 49ers look to defend their NFC Championship this season, the NFL draft will go a long way to determining their fate. But how has the current pandemic affected the teams preparation? 

The pre-draft preparations that NFL teams go through is a long, detailed process that has been compromised given the current shelter-in-place order here in our country. 

49ers’ GM John Lynch says his regime has adapted.

“One thing I learned from playing in this league and the way I was raised, when you are given a task don’t talk about the hurdles, get it done and that is what we have tried to do. And so yes it is tough getting to know some of these guys but that is why we have had our scouts on some of these guys for two, sometimes three, maybe even four years. You trust your work, you trust your eyes. you look at the film and that has been our mindset,” Lynch said.

One thing that has been out of everyone’s control is being able to bring in players and get the team doctors to review their medical history in person.

“Our doctors haven’t had the opportunity to get our hands on and I am sure each team will handle it in a different way but the medical part. You need healthy players. So I think that is a challenge,” Lynch said. 

As for draft day, Lynch will be bunkered down in his own war room in his guest house, but will have an IT guy with him and direct contact with the entire front office from one of his several newly installed monitors.

Before the shelter in place happened, he started downloading all the computers. 

“Kyle and I, I think a big to do has been made about hard wiring our house. Since we have been here our houses have had systems as if we are in our offices. So it wasn’t a big change for Kyle and I. It was really getting everyone else up to speed and those guys have been tremendous in getting everyone else there,” Lynch said.

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