(KRON) — All it takes is one chant of “JUUUUUICE” to see how beloved fullback Kyle Juszczyk is by the 49er faithful.

Juszczyk has proven himself to be an indispensable asset to the 49ers for his willingness and ability to both block and catch the football. Now in his seventh season with the 49ers, the Harvard product is the longest-tenured player on the offense and the second-most senior member of the team behind defensive lineman Arik Armstead.

Juszczyk has seen it all in San Francisco. He came to the team for Kyle Shanahan’s first season, becoming a part of the organization’s shift from rebuilding team to bona fide contender.

“Things have really come full-circle,” the seven-time Pro Bowler told Red and Gold Zone. “We had a goal in mind when we first came here. And to see it all come to fruition, and see the culture that we’ve built… just to be a part of that journey has been really special.”

The 49ers have followed up a 13-4 season in 2022 with a 4-0 start this year, and Juszczyk says a big reason why is the team’s cohesion.

According to Juszczyk, 49ers players are “genuinely happy” to see their teammates succeed, and they will do what they can to make that happen. In Juszczyk’s case, that means throwing blocks that can spring big gains for the 49ers’ explosive skill players.

“It’s like I’m in college playing with my best friends,” Juszczyk said.

As a fullback who is prominently featured in his offense, Juszczyk is perhaps the last of a dying breed.

While some NFL teams don’t even have a listed fullback on their roster, Juszczyk not only started 12 games for the 49ers last year, but also racked up 200 total yards.

“I’m happy that… Kyle (Shanahan) is creative enough and willing to put me in situations to do some things that they really wouldn’t ask a lot of other fullbacks to do,” he said.

Red and Gold Zone spoke to Juszczyk about why the 49ers’ offense is clicking this season, and he shed some light on the personalities that inhabit the locker room. To watch the full interview, use the video player above.