Corte Madera residents find relief at community center during power shutoffs

PG&E Power Shutoffs

CORTE MADERA (KRON) — Marin County was the hardest hit area when it came to those power shut offs by PG&E and though power has slowly started to return in parts of the county, thousands are still in the dark tonight. 

Not only do they not have power, but according to the FCC, more than 50 percent of the cell towers are out as well.

In Corte Madera, it’s about half and half out here. 

According to the town manager, if you’re living on the east side of town, you’re likely up and running.

But if you’re situated on the west side, up in the hills, you likely will be out until Thursday. 

That goes for street lights too.

There’s only about a handful of streetlights working tonight.

At the community center on Tamalpais Drive and Eastman Avenue, more than a thousand residents have come together to deal with darkness. 

Whether you like books and magazines, tablets and cell phones or bouncy balls and some fresh air, the Corte Madera Community Center quickly became the place to be Monday when the power goes out.

“Unfortunately this is probably our new norm and so as the new event approached us we thought it would be appropriate to open our community center,” said Town Manager Todd Cusimano. 

Cusimano says half of the town will remain in the dark through Thursday, but seeing everyone rally together makes the situation a little more bearable.

“People are congregating, we’re just a community, it’s pretty special what it’s turned into,” Cusimano said.

Though some are enjoying the peace and quiet.

“I’ve been enjoying the nights, seeing all the stars,” said one resident. 

Others, are questioning the process. 

“It’s bizarre to me knowing Petaluma has power but Marin doesn’t have power and of course not knowing when it’s gonna come back on is unsettling,” another resident said. 

As the day went on, good news of restoration started to trickle in, but residents know, it’ll be short lived.

“That’s good news, we have power. Well check and see, but we understand it’s going out again tomorrow, so the kids will not go to school. And they’ll be happy and I will not,”

Marin Unified and Novato Unified have said there will be no school through Wednesday.

The next round of shut offs will begin tomorrow around 9 a.m. 

The community center will open right around then and remain open until 4 p.m. for those who need the power.

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