PG&E restores power to 312,000 customers after shutoffs

PG&E Power Shutoffs

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Pacific Gas and Electric says it restored power to 312,000 customers Wednesday as of 10 p.m. since the “all clear” was issued  earlier in the day in most counties.

Ninety-five percent of affected customers have power back, as of 10 p.m., the utility said late Wednesday.

At its press conference today, PG&E said more people will likely have power by now as well but the black out isn’t over for everyone.

While this last round of public safety power shutoffs wasn’t as great in size as they expected because of changed weather conditions, still, around 120,000 customers are without power tonight.

On Wednesday, PG&E says it restored power to a majority of its customers.

“In terms of current outage information, this morning we began the day with roughly 365,000 customers who were out of service. We have restored roughly 242,000 customers just before this briefing. I’m sure that’s down from there. We’ve been restoring at a very aggressive rate,” a PG&E spokesperson said. 

Still, around 120,000 customers or less are without power Wednesday night and some have been without power for five days now.

“We expect to restore roughly 75 percent of the customers that were impacted by the end of the day today,” the spokesperson said.

PG&E says customers near the Kincade Fire will likely be without power for a few more days until cal fire says its safe to go back in and make restorations.

PG&E CEO and President Bill Johnson says these shutoffs are the new norm.

“As much as we might want to think were living through a single awful episode and that once its passes everything will turn to normal, that’s not likely to be the case. The risk of this and future fires will likely continue to go up not down,” Johnson said.

PG&E is reimbursing customers for an Oct. 9 shut off because their system crashed and went offline.

In these last round of shut off though, customers in counties like Marin say PG&E’s website had inaccurate information.

For now it doesn’t sound like reimbursements are coming.

PG&E dodged our questions on whether customers would be reimbursed for this last round of shutoffs, saying they don’t classify the inaccurate information on their website as big of an issue as a crashed or down website even though many went out and bought more canned goods and generators because of that misinformation.

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