San Jose neighborhood remains in the dark after power outage on Friday

PG&E Power Shutoffs

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Neighbors in San Jose are furious saying they’ve been without power since Friday and haven’t gotten any information from PG&E.

About 20 homes near Crosslees Drive and Pebbletree Court are in the dark, while surrounding areas had their power restored.

They are in the dark about what’s going on.

“We’ve been out of power since Friday around 6 o’clock when the blackouts actually happened. Since then, our power never came back on. Our power for our neighbors about halfway down the block is all off but about 20 houses are with no power. We’ve had no contact from PG&E or anything,” Mike Guldner said.

Mike Guldner and his neighbors on Crosslees Drive and Pebbletree Court say the heat is unbearable as temperatures hit the hundreds this weekend.

Plus, they’ve lost hundreds of dollars worth of food.

For Cecilia Garcia and her family, the power outage is especially difficult.

“It’s been really horrible. It’s been very hot, very crazy especially for my mom. She’s elderly and it’s been horrible. She had pneumonia a few months back and she uses a ventilator and she can’t even use that,” Cecilia said.

Garcia’s daughter Giselle also has schoolwork due this week but is unable to complete the assignments with no power or Wi-Fi and very few, if any places allowing customers to sit inside and use the internet during a pandemic.

“Due dates are this week and it’s been super difficult to try and get those things turned in and without power, without Wi-Fi you know I have my phone but I can’t charge it, can’t use anything to try and submit those assignments,” Giselle said.

Neighbors here say they’ve all reached out to PG&E multiple times, while they haven’t gotten any responses.

“The only thing we want is for PG&E to at least give us a response on what’s going on, keep us updated and hopefully you know they think this is very crucial especially around this time,” Cecilia said.

On Sunday, PG&E returned KRON4’s call saying that a failed underground transformer caused the continued outage.

However, they didn’t have an answer for when power would be restored or when someone will be out to fix the transformer but say a crew has been assigned.

“Without any information, we’re just stuck here in the dark,” Guldner said.

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