SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – KRON4 is celebrating remarkable women in the Bay Area – Women who are making a difference in their community.

We introduce you to Sylvia Green, who has turned her garage into a food pantry.

“It’s Blessed To Be A Blessing Ministries and we are a food pantry delivery,” Sylvia Green said. 

The operation started inside Green’s home in Oakley and has expanded into her garage. Now, Green spends Saturdays sorting and packing.

“Donations. All of this is donations. We’ll come home to food on our porch to what people are donating. People donate cash so that we can buy the stuff that’s missing because we also give out perishable food as well,” Green said.

More than a year later, donations started pouring in from big chains, like Panera Bread and Grocery Outlet.

Green says she’s always wanted to open a food pantry. The idea came true at the beginning of the pandemic.

“Knowing that a lot of people lost their jobs. A lot of people didn’t have access to food because a lot of grocery stores and everything was running out of food also so we just put it together,” Green said.

Green and her husband Luke, along with volunteers, pack and deliver the boxes to families in Baypoint, Pittsburg, Oakley and Brentwood.

“It’s actually good food and good meat, good treats, so it’s pretty exciting to give back to something we didn’t get to do when we were younger,” Luke said. 

“We get messages saying just how grateful they are that they didn’t know if they were going to eat that week. Just every bit of food helps. Even if you’re working full time doesn’t mean you have money for groceries,” Green said. 

The donations keep coming. The hope is one day to have a warehouse.

“As long as we keep growing, we’re going to need more room. I’m just very grateful for the people and support we do receive because we couldn’t do this without them,” Green said.