SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – It would take quite a while to put on paper everything Dr. Caroline Salvador-Moses does in a day.

“Since I was young, I’ve always been very active. It’s always been my personality,” Dr. Salvador-Moses said. “I’ve been a professor and I like mentoring, and the students always ask me, ‘do you ever get any sleep?'”

For 20+ years, she’s run her own private clinical psychology practice in San Francisco and San Mateo, providing psychotherapy services and running a medical clinic which specializes in conducting disability assessments.

But that’s just the beginning of her professional resume.

“I also do forensic psychology, so acting as a psychologist in family court. I also do a lot of immigration work — I’m Filipino-American — and I speak Tagalog and I speak Spanish fluently.. so I’m also very committed to that population, helping conduct asylum evaluations.”

As the oldest of 5 kids – dedicating her time to care for others has always been one of her passions.

But Dr. Salvadore-Moses will quickly tell you her own family is where her true devotion lies.

“Yes I’m also a soccer mom chauffeuring them several times a week to practices,” she said.

As a PTA president, she spends her “free time” planning, organizing, and collaborating with other parents, teachers, and administrators – a task that’s proved to be tedious even during the pandemic.

“I was juggling my Zoom patients and also PTA because it was still going, no events but we had to do online fundraisers,” she said.

Like many families – through the struggles of the past year – Dr. Salvadore-Moses said says she’s been reminded how important it is to embrace the gifts of the present, while always keeping her sights set on the future.

“It was a tough time but at the same time it gave us a chance to spend more quality time together…. I was able to make lunches for my boys for the first time in so long.”

“It’s always good to have hope – and I know we’ve been in this and it’s going on longer than we expected — but to be future oriented.. to see a bright light in the future helps many people keep going through this,” she added.

Don’t worry – Dr. Salvadore-Moses takes her self-care just as seriously as the rest of her duties – and wants others to do so too.

“I love spa days and going up with the ladies to the Wine Country, it’s important to keep a balance. The kids grow up so fast. My oldest son is in college.. time flies. You really have to have a good balance and also self-care.”