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No matter what kind of cookie jar you’re looking for, a wide mouth is crucial for making it easy to steal cookies from the cookie jar – or to replenish them when they’re all done.

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Which cookie jar is best?

Cookie jars are a classic way to store or display your baked creations. Whether you’re looking for a glass cookie jar or a ceramic cookie jar, the options today are nearly limitless. For that reason, it’s especially helpful to figure out what you’re looking for in a cookie jar before you buy, by considering the volume, type and overall style you want.

Out of a wide range of options, the Clear 128-Ounce Cookie Jar from Modern Innovations offers the best balance of affordability, visibility and volume for all your favorite kitchen goodies.

What to know before you buy a cookie jar

Your needs in a cookie jar

When it comes to sifting through the best cookie jars, fulfilling your particular needs is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. If you prefer something especially large, for example, that’s something worth considering when comparing models side-by-side. Others may prefer a vintage cookie jar to a glass one or vice versa. When it comes to identifying your needs, there’s really nothing stopping you from going all out, since you’ll be the one to use the product.

Cookie jar volumes

Cookie jars can vary in their storable volume, most commonly ranging from half a gallon to a full gallon of internal space. If you need a specific volume for your cookie jar, you may want to move this factor to the top of your list. However, many buyers are also okay with an approximate perception of volume, so long as it can fit a whole tray of cookies at once.

Transparent glass vs. ceramic

Like many products, cookie jars can vary in style quite a bit. From glass cookie jars, to ceramic cookie jars and even all the way to actual vintage cookie jars, there’s no harm in choosing the specific style you want, especially if it will help you match the product with other items in your kitchen.

What to look for in a quality cookie jar

Tightly-sealing lid

One of the main features of a good cookie jar is a tightly sealing lid that can help keep out extra air and ultimately help you keep your treats from going stale. Even within this category, however, you can find a variety of lids, including those with corks, rubberized seals or other options.

Wide mouth

Another common feature in a good cookie jar is a wide mouth that allows the user to reach in and out when adding or taking snacks away from the canister. Even if a cookie jar is particularly small and made to fit in kitchens with little counter space, it should have a wide enough opening to allow a variety of hand sizes to easily fit in and out – or else it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Durable and long-lasting

The most sustainable products are those that last a long time, and durability in cookie jars can sometimes help them mitigate shattering from fall damage or general wear and tear after years of use. While many cookie jars are made from glass or porcelain, you can also find some made from acrylic, plastic or other materials that may bear shatterproof features.

How much you can expect to spend on a cookie jar

Cookie jars vary a lot in price, especially because of how many different options there are out there. Most buyers can find a cheap cookie jar for as low as $17, with most models ranging between $20-$50 for a single canister.

Cookie jar FAQ

Are vintage cookie jars valuable?

A. While certain vintage cookie jar products could be valuable, many users will have a tough time finding someone to reliably appraise certain vintage goods. Still, if you think you have a cookie jar gold mine, it may be worth shopping it around a little bit – and replacing it with one of the many long-lasting, affordable cookie jars you can find on today’s market.

How big are cookie jars?

A. Cookie jars can vary quite significantly in size, though they generally hold a volume of about half a gallon to a gallon, standing somewhere around 7 to 15 inches in height. The size of every cookie jar is a little bit different, so it’s important to consider what your needs are if you’re looking for a specific size.

What’s the best cookie jar to buy?

Top cookie jar

Modern Innovations Clear One Gallon Acrylic Candy

Modern Innovations Clear One Gallon Acrylic Candy and Cookie Jar with Sealing Lid

What you need to know: With a full gallon’s worth of volume and a convenient airtight lid, this clear cookie jar is a great shape and design for any kitchen container.

What you’ll love: Made from durable acrylic, the clear design is great for keeping an eye on what’s inside, whether it’s cookies, candy or something else entirely. It also features a wide, sealable mouth and stands at nearly 10 inches tall, making it a great kitchen piece for those with the space.

What you should consider: Some buyers have reported difficulties opening the lid once it’s shut.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cookie jar for the money

KooK Set of Two Clear Glass Half Gallon Storage Canister and Cookie Jar

KooK Set of Two Clear Glass Half Gallon Storage Canister and Cookie Jar

What you need to know: This two-pack of half-gallon cookie jars is great for those that prefer a smaller design, also offering a cylindrical, glass build with sealing lead.

What you’ll love: These simple cookie jars hold half a gallon each, and their sealing lids keep your cookies or other treats away from air to help them last as long as possible. They also feature a convenient knob handle on top that makes it easy to open.

What you should consider: Despite being easier to open than most cookie jars, a few buyers have had trouble keeping this lid sealed after a long period of use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Kensington London 76-Ounce Glass Storage Canister with Airtight Bamboo Lid

Kensington London 76-Ounce Glass Storage Canister with Airtight Bamboo Lid

What you need to know: Along with offering a beautiful take on the classic cookie jar, this bamboo lid is perfect and airtight, with up to 76 ounces of storage volume and a rounded shape.

What you’ll love: This cookie jar features a conveniently wide mouth, as well as being made from a completely dishwasher-safe and BPA-free glass. In addition, buyers loved the bamboo lid, which fits in with natural wood finishes and other common modern kitchen looks.

What you should consider: Some buyers mentioned that this cookie jar turned out to be smaller than it looks in the product listing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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