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If you’re looking for something new to decorate your home this autumn, a fall blanket might be the perfect choice.

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Which fall blankets are best?

If you’re looking for something new to decorate your home this autumn, a fall blanket might be the perfect choice. Fall blankets are blankets that can be used for holiday decoration or extra warmth on your bed or couch. Your fall blanket can also act as the focal point of your living room when it’s draped over a chair or a couch.

What to know before you buy a fall blanket


Fall blankets can be manufactured or handcrafted from a diverse range of materials, including cotton patchwork, wool or cashmere. Go for a cotton patchwork fall blanket that is comforting, colorful, lightweight and washable if you want a country cottage look for your home this autumn. If you’re looking for a blanket that is more substantial, choose a durable and warm wool fall blanket that is woven, crocheted or knitted.

Care and maintenance

It’s also crucial to consider the care and maintenance of your fall blanket. Unless your fall blanket is made of wool, it should be fairly easy to maintain. You can machine wash most fall blankets on a gentle wash cycle with mild laundry soap and cold water, then you can line dry or tumble dry the fall blanket at a low temperature. Many wool fall blankets need to be dry cleaned.


Fall blanket throws are usually smaller than most blankets, but they can vary in size. You certainly don’t want a fall blanket that’s too small to give you the warmth and coziness that you need during the holiday season. It’s important to look at the dimensions of a fall blanket before you purchase it.

What to look for in a quality fall blanket


You can find fall blankets in almost any color, and many online retailers provide more color options than you would find in a brick and mortar store. You might want to choose a blanket that seamlessly fits into your holiday decor, but there are plenty of year-round color options, too. 


You can also find fall blankets with special designs, like your favorite sports team, slogan, cartoon character, political candidate or college mascot. You can also find fall blankets with geometric or floral patterns.

Throw edging

Fall blanket throws are often tasseled, and these tassels can be a braided or woven decorative trim or single threads. Keep in mind that the tassels on your fall blanket might become frayed if you have any curious pets or kids at home.

How much you can expect to spend on a fall blanket

The price of a fall blanket can vary, depending on the material and quality of the blanket. The most basic fall blankets go for $8-$15, while mid-range fall blankets cost $20-$60. If you spend a little more, you can get a luxe electric fall blanket that adjusts the temperature depending on your environment. You can expect to spend $65-$245 for high-end wool or electric fall blankets.

Fall blanket FAQ

What is the difference between a throw blanket and a personal day blanket?

A. A throw blanket is usually a smaller fringed cover or blanket design for tucking in a child or covering your lap, while a personal day blanket is helpful for covering an adult from head to toe with a warm and lightweight material.

What is polar fleece? Can you purchase a fall blanket crafted from polar fleece?

A. Polar fleece is a warm, pliable and soft brushed fabric woven with synthetic wool fibers. Polar fleece blankets are fairly easy to clean, because you simply need to wash them in warm water and tumble dry. Polar fleece fall blankets are popular with young children and babies who like the plush texture of the fabric. They have a comforting and smooth texture on both sides. They are also fairly lightweight and give you just enough warmth for a comfortable nap on a cool autumn afternoon.

What is the difference between a throw blanket and an afghan?

A. Both afghans and throw blankets are fabric coverings that give you warmth. That being said, an afghan refers to a crocheted or knitted cover, while a throw blanket refers to a small blanket used as home decor, draped over either a sofa or chair.

What’s the best fall blanket to buy?

Top fall blanket

Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Throw Blanket

Chanasya Faux Fur Bed Throw Blanket

What you need to know: This stylish and smooth fall blanket from Chanasya is considered the best of the best with its faux fur style.

What you’ll love: This popular Chanasya faux fur fall blanket is available in 14 different color options and made of 100% microfiber polyester. Customers love this fall blanket for its extreme softness and decorative design.

What you should consider: Keep in mind that some customers noticed discolorations in this fall blanket.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top fall blanket for the money

Bedsure Lightweight Cozy Plush Microfiber Blanket

Bedsure Lightweight Cozy Plush Microfiber Blanket

What you need to know: This soft and fluffy fall blanket from Bedsure will give you plenty of bang for your buck.

What you’ll love: This cozy and affordable Bedsure fall blanket comes with 15 different color options, makes a wonderful gift and is overall an extremely soft option that will work anywhere in your home. The fall blanket is also composed of 100% microfiber polyester.

What you should consider: Many customers say that this fall blanket started shedding over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Balichun Lightweight Fleece Bed or Couch Blanket

Balichun Lightweight Fleece Bed or Couch Blanket

What you need to know: This fuzzy fleece fall blanket from Balichun comes in a wide variety of different colors.

What you’ll love: This cozy fleece Balichun fall blanket features 12 different color options and a wonderful lightweight design with neatly finished edging. The 100% polyester fall blanket is perfect for your couch or bed.

What you should consider: This fall blanket is prone to pilling and shedding, particularly after you wash it a few times.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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