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Which Camp Chef Dutch oven is best? 

Camp Chef is a brand that is well-loved by outdoorsy people all around the country. They have lines of flat-top grills, pellet grills and any other cooking accessory to make cooking outdoors a breeze. However, no other product can compare to the versatile simplicity of the Camp Chef Dutch oven. 

The 12-inch Cast Iron Deluxe Dutch Oven has everything you need to use it right out of the box, plus a reversible lid that can be used as a handy griddle. With this Dutch oven, you’ll be making savory dishes and sweet desserts in no time at all. 

What to know before you buy a Camp Chef Dutch oven 

Seasoned vs. unseasoned

All of Camp Chef’s cast iron products, including their Dutch ovens, come pre-seasoned for use right out of the box. Anyone familiar with cooking on cast iron can tell you that seasoning is the hardest part about using it. This makes Camp Chef Dutch ovens perfect for beginners and people that want to experiment with Cast Iron. 

Shape and size 

classic line

Camp Chef has two main lines of Dutch ovens, the classic line and the deluxe line. Within both of these lines, you will find Dutch ovens of varying sizes. In the classic line, there are Dutch ovens that range from 10 inches to 16 inches, and in the deluxe line, there are Dutch ovens from 10 inches to 14 inches. 

The main difference between these two lines of Dutch ovens is that the lid of the deluxe Dutch ovens can double as a skillet. This is an excellent feature to have while camping, as it brings so many more options to the table. The lid even has legs to make it the perfect tool for outdoor cooking. 

The Camp Chef classic Dutch oven line also offers deep Dutch ovens with larger capacities. These Dutch ovens are great for cooking soups and deep-dish desserts. 

 Square Dutch Oven

Camp Chef also offers a few varieties of Dutch ovens in different shapes, such as the 3/4 Quart Mini Dutch Oven, the Golden Spike Oval Roaster and the Square Dutch Oven


Camp Chef Dutch oven tripod

While you don’t really need any additional accessories to get started with your new Dutch oven, Camp Chef offers accessories that can enhance your overall cooking experience. 

Be sure to check out products such as the Camp Chef cast iron conditioner, Camp Chef Dutch oven lid lifter, Camp Chef Dutch oven table and the Camp Chef Dutch oven tripod

What to look for in a quality Camp Chef Dutch oven 

Reversible and flanged lid 

As previously stated, the deluxe line of Camp Chef Dutch ovens comes with a reversible lid that can be used as a full-sized griddle or skillet. This feature will often make the capacity of your Dutch oven a bit bigger as well since the lid is slightly raised. 

Camp Chef Dutch ovens also come with a flanged lid, which is great for placing hot coals on top of the oven to cook contents evenly. 


10-inch deluxe Dutch oven

When looking for your Dutch oven, consider which size you need. The 10-inch deluxe Dutch oven, for example, has a capacity of 6 quarts and can handle enough food at once to feed a family. However, if you’re camping with a large group, opt for a larger Dutch oven that can feed more people at a time. 


Dutch oven tote bags

While all of Camp Chef’s Dutch ovens are designed to be portable, keep in mind that cast iron is heavy and can be difficult to transport. Conveniently, Camp Chef makes Dutch oven tote bags

How much you can expect to spend on a Camp Chef Dutch oven

Camp Chef Dutch ovens can range from $35-$130, depending on size and features. 

Camp Chef Dutch oven FAQ

How do I clean my Camp Chef Dutch oven? 

A. You can clean a Camp Chef Dutch oven just like any other cast iron product. Use a little bit of soap and simmer some water over high heat. Then, use a pan scraper for any burnt-on food. 

What can I cook with a Camp Chef Dutch oven? 

A. Dutch ovens are versatile enough to cook nearly anything. You can fry food, simmer soups and even bake desserts. 

What’s the best Camp Chef Dutch oven to buy?

Top Camp Chef Dutch oven 

12-inch Cast Iron Deluxe Dutch Oven

12-inch Cast Iron Deluxe Dutch Oven 

What you need to know: Small enough to be portable but big enough to feed a large group, this Dutch oven is perfect for campers. 

What you’ll love: The reversible lid doubles as a skillet and is excellent for cooking breakfast foods. 

What you should consider: It can be a bit heavy and awkward to transport without the accompanying tote bag. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot 

Top Camp Chef Dutch oven for the money

Classic 10-inch-deep Dutch Oven 

Classic 10-inch-deep Dutch Oven 

What you need to know: The Classic 10-inch-deep Dutch oven is great for those who want a Dutch oven with high capacity while still being on the smaller side. 

What you’ll love: The flanged lid is great for adding coals on top for even cooking. 

What you should consider: You may need to season it before use, depending on your personal preferences. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot 

Worth checking out

3/4 Quart Seasoned Cast Iron Mini Dutch Oven 

3/4 Quart Seasoned Cast Iron Mini Dutch Oven 

What you need to know: This mini Dutch oven is great for solo campers or couples going on a backcountry excursion. It’s portable and big enough to serve 1-2 people. 

What you’ll love: This mini Dutch oven comes with all the features of the other Camp Chef classic Dutch ovens but in a convenient 5-inch model. 

What you should consider: Do not buy the mini if you need to feed more than two people at a time. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot 


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