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Difference between Hypervolt and Theragun massage guns

Muscles can get very sore, especially if you’re active. While stretching each morning or before a workout helps, muscles may need extra care to break down and relieve tension. However, physical therapy can be costly and time-consuming. Recently, massage guns have become popular and bring physical therapy to your home. 

Massage guns offer the same quality as a deep tissue massage. Aside from decreasing muscle pain and aches, they increase blood circulation, release lactic acid, break up scar tissue and help decrease recovery time. They use advanced vibrational healing to deliver vibrations deep in muscles to produce more oxygen and nutrients. Hypervolt and Theragun are both popular massage gun brands that will have your body feeling rejuvenated.

What is percussive therapy? 

Hypervolt and Theragun both use percussive therapy. Percussive therapy isn’t like a traditional massage. The massage technique uses force, depth and speed, targets tight muscles to aid in blood circulation, relieve pain and stiffness and increase flexibility. Commonly used in sports and therapeutic practice, the devices help accelerate recovery. 

Hypervolt massage guns

PRO with Bluetooth

Hypervolt is a game-changer. Customers can choose from three speeds of fast percussion to separate tight muscles. Available in Hypervolt, Hypervolt Plus and Hypervolt Go, each massage gun is sure to relieve muscle tension and aches and increase blood flow so that you continue to feel good and have robust workouts. 

Hypervolt massage gun pros

Hyperice Hypervolt Bluetooth Percussion Massager

Hypervolt is lightweight, easy to use and TSA-approved. It comes with a 24 V charger and AC cable, five head attachments and head attachment pouch. The five head attachments allow for ultimate customization. Choose the flat, ball or cushion to loosen hamstring, calf and quad muscles gently. Use the bullet and fork attachments for a deeper massage. Additionally, choose from three speeds up to 3200 percussions per minute. Compared to Theragun, Hypervolt is extremely quiet. 

Hypervolt is Bluetooth accessible, so you can control speeds using the Hyperice App. The Hyperice app uses HyperSmart algorithms to combine physical and digital to create a customized experience. Customers can get recommendations for new routines from athletes, trainers and physiotherapists, exclusive content and snapshots of your activity and recovery process. The HyperSmart algorithm tracks your activity from smart devices like Apple, Garmin or Fitbit watches and fitness applications like Strava to create routines suited for you. 

Hypervolt massage gun cons

This product is definitely on the expensive side but worth it in the long run. You’ll avoid trips to a physical therapist and potentially spend more money than the cost of Hypervolt. Expensive items should be protected and cases are a great way to do so. Unfortunately, Hypervolt comes without a case, so if you’re traveling, you should wrap it in soft materials like sweatshirts and t-shirts. Many reviews state that after a few months, it stopped working or the battery life decreased significantly. In some instances, it even started smoking. In these moments, looking into a warranty is a great idea.  

Theragun massage guns

Theragun Pro

Theragun is a powerful deep muscle treatment that breaks down muscles to help with aches and pain. Its QuietForce technology maintains power without decreasing treatment speed or quality. The calibration is strong enough to reach 60% deeper into muscle tissue than the average massager. It comes in four different designs, including Theragun PRO, Theragun Elite, Theragun Prime and Theragun Mini. If you’re looking for a professional-grade massage gun, Theragun PRO is a must. Theragun Elite offers more features than the Theragun Prime, like additional foam attachments, but you’re going to get the same results. This device is bulky, so if you’re looking for something to take on the go, Theragun Mini is perfect. 

Theragun pros

Similar to Hypervolt, Theragun is very customizable and also Bluetooth-accessible. If you’re targeting sensitive areas or wanting to dig deep into others, users can choose from 1750-2400 PPM. It also comes with five built-in speeds and five detachable heads, including cone, thumb, wedge, standard ball and dampener. These better assist your target areas. The ergonomic grip is super convenient and makes it easy to reach all areas without straining your hands, arms and hips. Theragun’s Lithium-ion battery life is impressive and can be used for up to 120 minutes continuously. Sold separately, you can wirelessly charge the Theragun. When purchased, it comes with a hard-shell protective carrying case.

Theragun Elite

Theragun’s percussive technology works through depth, speed and force. Depth allows for proper deep muscle treatment. Theragun has a 16mm volume that is 60% more effective than leading massage guns, according to many reviews. Leaving the skin surface at 40 times per second, Theragun powerfully targets areas of the body. It also provides up to 40 pounds of force without stalling to increase circulation and tension release. 

Theragun cons

Theragun is louder than Hypervolt, so you should choose another massage gun if noise is an issue. As beneficial as this machine is, it is essential not to overdo it. Reviewers show that their skin has been bruised or skinned due to its high-speed pressure, specifically with the cone attachment. It is definitely advised to see if this product has a warranty. Trying to get a hold of customer service may be very time-consuming. A high-tech device like this doesn’t come cheap. While both Hypervolt and Thergun are expensive, Hypervolt produces the same results at a comparatively lower price.

Should you get a Hypervolt or Theragun massage gun?

It’s no lie that massage guns are effective and are incredibly convenient to use on your own time. Hypervolt and Theragun both use percussive technology to help decrease muscle soreness and aches and increase blood flow circulation, but it simply comes down to preference. If price is a significant factor, Hypervolt provides the same quality as Theragun but isn’t as ergonomic. If battery life is more critical, Theragun’s lasts longer and has more speed options.

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