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Another popular word for a Christmas ornament is a bulb.

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Which vintage Christmas ornaments are best?

Christmas ornaments are beautifully designed pieces that you hang to decorate a tree or serve as a holiday decoration around the house. Hanging ornaments is a timeless tradition and many modern ornaments mimic the vintage traditional kinds that were used many years ago. In pursuit of a vintage-inspired Christmas ornament, there are a few things to consider, such as what it’s made from, what designs it features and its weight and durability. 

When you’re looking for a long-lasting, vintage-inspired ornament that you can hang in various locations, the Classic Christmas Vintage Truck Round Matte Ornament is a recommended choice.

What to know before you buy a vintage Christmas ornament


Before purchasing a vintage Christmas ornament, consider the material. An ornament made from porcelain or glass will likely look more true to an actual vintage ornament, but may be easier to break. Plastic ornaments are lightweight and are harder to break than ornaments made from fragile materials. 

It’s often hard to tell whether an ornament is made of plastic or glass, though plastic is substantially cheaper. However, when purchasing a vintage ornament and deciding the best material, consider going for the item that will last you the longest and pose the least threat to the environment.


Consider the design. Ornaments with vintage designs include but are not limited to bells, printed trucks and slender, oval ornaments with starburst designs carved into the side. Sometimes the design is the singular thing that makes an ornament vintage. If an ornament or an ornament set mimics popular styles of the past, it will include the word “vintage” into the description. 


The weight determines where the ornament goes on the tree and what you can hang it on. For example, it’s best to hang a lightweight ornament on the bottom of the tree so that if it falls off the limb, it’s less likely to break. 

Ornaments made from lightweight material are also less likely to shatter than those made of porcelain or glass. If a vintage ornament is heavy, consider adding an extra tie for support when hanging the ornament and only hang it on its own in a sturdy location.

What to look for in a quality vintage Christmas ornament


When purchasing Christmas ornaments in a set, look for ornaments that vary in design. In sets that vary in design, there will be different color bulbs that feature various shapes and sheens. A variety of ornaments in a set allows for the tree to look unique. 

Vintage ornaments were often laid out in an unplanned manner throughout the tree. There’s no specific style that you have to use in continuity — you can mix it up depending on your preference.  


A quality vintage Christmas ornament resists shattering. Most Christmas ornaments made of glass can easily shatter. If this is the case, make sure the company also provides a safe way to transport and store these items. Christmas ornaments made from plastic are less breakable, but they can still break. If an item is shatterproof, this quality will be listed in the product description of the website.


Vintage Christmas ornaments of high quality follow traditional values that relate to your family’s specific traditions. These traditions play a large role in vintage-inspired ornaments, because it is from a tradition that the idea of ornaments was born. 

Tradition is what allows for some items to catch on in popularity, making modern ornaments look to these traditional items as vintage pieces. If an item is traditional, it can likely be replicated to be vintage looking on a modern Christmas tree.

How much you can expect to spend on a vintage Christmas ornament

The best vintage Christmas ornaments cost $10-$50, depending on how many ornaments are in the purchase, what they’re made of and the brand that sells them.

Vintage Christmas ornament FAQ

Is the Christmas star considered an ornament? 

A. A Christmas star is still considered a Christmas ornament even though you put it in a different place than the rest of the ornaments. A Christmas ornament that goes on top of the tree is referred to as a tree topper, but is still an ornament. 

What makes an ornament vintage? 

A. An ornament doesn’t need to be over 100 years old to be considered vintage. A vintage ornament follows a classic look of popular ornament styles of the past. For example, if a popular ornament from the 1960s was a white ornament with gold flakes, then an ornament purchased in 2021 that’s white with gold flakes and features a similar design is a vintage-inspired piece. 

What are the best vintage Christmas ornaments to buy?

Top vintage Christmas ornament

Classic Christmas Vintage Truck Round Matte Ornament

Classic Christmas Vintage Truck Round Matte Ornament

What you need to know: This product features a vintage truck design printed on the front and you can hang it in various locations. It comes with a drawstring carrying case.

What you’ll love: The item is porcelain and comes with a sturdy ribbon to use for hanging it. This gift can be customized with a multiple-line message for whoever you’re gifting the item to. The ornament is inexpensive and ships quickly. 

What you should consider: This item isn’t shatterproof and can easily break. You must store and handle it with care. 

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond

Top vintage Christmas ornament for the money

St. Nicholas Square Juniper Vintage Inspired Christmas Ornament 24-piece Set

St. Nicholas Square Juniper Vintage Inspired Christmas Ornament 24-piece Set 

What you need to know: This Christmas ornament set features 24 ornaments of various sizes, shapes and designs. Each one is inspired by a classic vintage ornament.

What you’ll love: This set features items made from both plastic and glass. There are hanging hooks attached to each ornament for easy and convenient hanging, and the items are easy to clean. Most of the ornaments feature glitter.

What you should consider: This isn’t the product for you if you desire more glass pieces, as these feature mostly plastic. 

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s

Worth checking out

St. Nicholas Square Ornament Christmas Wreath Wall Decor

St. Nicholas Square Ornament Christmas Wreath Wall Decor

What you need to know: Ornament wreaths are a very vintage concept and serve as a classic holiday decoration. This wreath features green, red, gold and silver shiny bulbs.

What you’ll love: It comes with a ribbon for convenient hanging and is lightweight. This product features bulbs made of plastic and iron, and the bulbs are easy to wipe down. 

What you should consider: The ornaments don’t go all the way through to the back. The back of the wreath is a silver garland.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s


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