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Climbing a ladder is inherently dangerous, but it can be even more so should you attempt to climb with your tools in your hand instead of a good tool belt.

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Which roof ladder hooks are best?

Climbing a ladder can be scary and unsettling at the best of times, but it’s even worse when you have to climb large heights like onto your home’s roof. There isn’t a device available that can help to ease your acrophobia, but with a good roof ladder hook, you can at the very least better secure your shaky and unsteady ladder.

The best roof ladder hook is the Qualcraft 2481 Ladder Hook. This best-of-the-best option is perfect for nearly every roof type and is easy to attach to your ladder securely. Plus, the powder-coated steel is durable enough to last for years.

What to know before you buy a roof ladder hook


The three sections of a roof ladder hook are the body, occasionally the wheels and the hook.

  • Body: The body of the roof ladder hook keeps the wheels and hooks together and is the portion that attaches to your ladder. They can be constructed with various materials and in various shapes and which tend to better secure to different types of roof ladders.
  • Wheels: The wheels ease the motion of dragging your now hooked roof ladder up the roof and towards the peak, a task made more difficult without wheels that not all roof ladder hooks have.

Hook types

Roof ladder hooks come in one of three types: flat steel, rubberized and captain.

  • Flat steel: This is the most common type of roof ladder hook. They are made of steel in lengths of 6 to 8 inches, with the length laying flat against the roof. They are typically durable and tend to not damage shingles though certain angles of flat steel roof ladder hooks might damage wood shake shingles.
  • Rubberized: Rubberized roof ladder hooks function similarly to flat steel roof ladder hooks, with the main difference being they are round, rubber-coated rods as opposed to flat steel hooks. They are the least likely to cause damage to roofs.
  • Captain: Named after Captain Hook due to the striking similarity in appearance. They can pivot away from the roof when not needed, but the sharp point does tend to damage shingles. They don’t have wheels either, making it more difficult to drag them towards the roof’s peak.


Roof ladder hooks tend to be a few different types of materials. The most common is steel because of its high levels of durability and strength. However, aluminum is equally common thanks to its lower cost, nearly equal durability and strength and lighter weight. Finally, roof ladder hooks usually have wheels, typically made of rubber or ABS plastic, to prevent damage to the roof when rolling.

What to look for in a quality roof ladder hook


Roof ladder hooks generally weigh between 4.7 and 7 pounds which may not seem like much until you realize that those weights are per hook. Considering most roof ladder hooks are used in pairs that attach to both stems of your roof ladder, you can quickly add up to 15 extra pounds to your ladder.

How much you can expect to spend on a roof ladder hook

Roof ladder hooks have a narrow range of available prices, making it just as easy to pick a lower-quality option as a high-quality one. The most inexpensive roof ladder hooks cost $20-$30 and will get the job done, but the mid-tier options only cost roughly $10 more for greater durability and multi-roof compatibility. The best options generally cost upwards of $40 and typically have features that make them better options for easily damaged roofs like those with shingles.

Roof ladder hook FAQ

Is it safe to get off my roof ladder once I’m on the roof?

A. No, if your roof is steep enough that you need a roof ladder, then it is imperative to remain firmly planted at all times for your safety. If you need to reach a distant portion of your roof, climb down off the ladder and reposition it before climbing back up and resuming your task.

Is it ever safe to walk on a roof without a roof ladder?

A. It’s never perfectly safe to walk on a roof due to roof angles and materials as well as their great heights. That said, certain angles and materials are safer to walk on than others. Most houses have roofs with angles between 18 to 36 degrees, with lower than 18 degrees considered flat and greater than 36 considered steep. The sweet spot for angles is typically between 14 and 27 degrees, with composition shingles and wearing soft-soled sneakers further decreasing the risks.

What are the best roof ladder hooks to buy?

Top roof ladder hook

Qualcraft 2481 Ladder Hook

Qualcraft 2481 Ladder Hook

What you need to know: This top-tier roof ladder hook is a perfect fit for most ladders and roof types.

What you’ll love: Wing nuts allow for easy and strong tightening, and the powder-coated steel is highly durable.

What you should consider: Ridge vented or cedar shake style roofs present a challenge for this roof ladder hook. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top roof ladder hook for the money

Werner 15-1 Roof Hook Kit

Werner 15-1 Roof Hook Kit

What you need to know: This is an excellent, budget option that nonetheless provides strong security for your ladder.

What you’ll love: This roof ladder hook can easily be permanently secured to your ladder if you like it and know you’ll be using it often. 

What you should consider: Shingled roofs might receive some damage from this roof ladder hook.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Acro Building Systems Roof Ridge Ladder Hook

Acro Building Systems Roof Ridge Ladder Hook

What you need to know: This is another roof ladder hook option that’s just about as good as the above selections.

What you’ll love: This roof ladder hook attaches to D-rung and round-rung ladders and has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

What you should consider: The hook can be more challenging to tighten onto the ladder than is appreciated.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot


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