Which black curtain rods are best?

Curtain rods are a necessity in most houses, as very few homes utilize shutters. Curtain rods can be as simple or over the top as you like, serving as a function-only hanger for your curtains, or being just as big an aspect of your decor as what they’re designed to hold up. 

One of the best black curtain rods is the Decopolitan Urn Single Rod. This curtain rod is the perfect mix of simplicity and elegance.

What to know before you buy a black curtain rod


Curtain rods are usually made from either metal, plastic or wood, with most curtain rods being made of metal thanks to its durability and range of styles. Wood and plastic are used less often, but between the two, wood is a better alternative than plastic – plastic has low durability and a generally displeasing aesthetic.


There are two sizes to consider when shopping for a curtain rod: the length and diameter.

  • Length: Most rods are between 24 and 144 inches in length, though some exceptions are available. Many curtain rods feature adjustable lengths, as well (see “Rod” below).
  • Diameter: Curtain rods are available in many diameters to best suit the type of curtain you’re attempting to hang or more importantly to fit the size of your brackets. Most curtain rods have diameters of 1 or 1.125 inches.

What to look for in a quality black curtain rod


The rod can come in a few configurations. Some are one set piece, others use a two-piece design that allows them to telescope for an adjustable length. Single piece rods are better if you intended to hang a heavy curtain as they’re better able to hold the weight without buckling.

There are also special curtain rods called double rods which, fittingly, use two separate rods with the front rod holding your main curtain and the back rod holding an inner, usually sheer, curtain.


The finial is the knob on the end of the rod which prevents your curtains from sliding off. Finials are available in as many shapes and sizes as there are rods, with most being a simple endcap, but you can also get a rod with something much more decorative. Some can even be replaced with a different finial (see FAQ below for more).


Curtain rods are held up by brackets with many curtain rods including a mounting kit that contains the brackets you need as well as the screws. Some curtain rod brackets are easier to install than others, which is why many select to hire a professional to install them (see FAQ below for more).

How much you can expect to spend on a black curtain rod

Curtain rods are available in as many prices as they are available in styles, with cost anywhere between $10-$100. Most curtain rods are available between $20-$50, however.

Black curtain rod FAQ

Are curtain rods difficult enough to set up that I need to hire an expert to install them?

A. They aren’t necessarily difficult to install, but they can be if you don’t have the proper tools or the know-how. If you have a measuring tape, screwdriver and a level, you should be able to handle it just fine, but if you don’t, then many curtain rods have expert assembly options. If you decide to hire a professional after purchase, most contractors or interior designers can install them for you.

Are curtain rod finials able to be swapped with a different finial?

A. That depends on the design of your curtain rod’s finials. Some finials use a screw-in or snap-on connection which allows for alternate finials to be attached instead. Those that can attach a different finial don’t necessarily mean that they were designed to use another finial, so you may not be able to find an appropriate alternative.

What’s the best black curtain rod to buy?

Top black curtain rod 

Decopolitan Urn Single Rod

Decopolitan Urn Single Rod

What you need to know: This black curtain rod is an excellent option, which fits in with almost any room and decoration.

What you’ll love: The curtain rod is made of sturdy, durable metals and is available in three telescoping sizes: 18 to 36 inches, 36 to 72 inches and 72 to 144 inches. An expert assembly option is available, but mounting hardware is included for easy at-home setup.

What you should consider: The expert assembly option costs $225, which is more than 10 times the amount of the curtain rod. Also, one of the screws requires a special tool to screw in.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top black curtain rod for the money

Kenney Beckett Curtain Rod

Kenney Beckett Curtain Rod

What you need to know: This low-cost black curtain rod is a top choice for anyone looking to hoist some curtains at the lowest price.

What you’ll love: The telescoping size has lengths between 48 and 86 inches. The curtain rod is constructed of metal for durability and mounting hardware is included in the price. An expert assembly option is also available to those without the tools or desire to mount it themselves.

What you should consider: Like the above Decopolitan option, the expert assembly costs $225, which is an even greater multiplication of cost, considering this curtain rod is only $20.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Decopolitan Beme International Urn Double Drapery Rod Set

Decopolitan Beme International Urn Double Drapery Rod Set

What you need to know: This double rod Decopolitan model is a perfect choice for those with a double rod need.

What you’ll love: The Antique Black color option features a telescoping length between 36 and 72 inches. Each rod is constructed of steel for maximum durability. A mounting kit is included with three brackets for stability. Unlike some double curtain rods there’s no sagging in the middle.

What you should consider: Double rod curtain rods are difficult to mount and there is no expert assembly option available through Amazon at press time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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