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Which bracelet maker is best?

The friendship bracelet is an iconic tradition that both kids and adults have been participating in for decades. While the look of homemade bracelets has changed over the years, bracelet making is here to stay. However, with innovative bracelet makers, creating jewelry for friends, family or yourself has never been easier. 

While there are many types of bracelet makers, the Cool Maker 2-in-1 KumiKreator Necklace and Bracelet Maker Activity Kit is a great choice. It turns bracelet making into an activity as simple as loading and spinning.

What to know before you buy a bracelet maker

What is a bracelet maker?

A bracelet maker is an apparatus that makes it easier to create bracelets of all kinds. Instead of braiding, weaving or tying bracelets entirely by hand, a bracelet maker uses loops, wheels or notches, so you never lose your string. 

Types of bracelet makers

There are several types of bracelet makers. Some may be easier or more difficult to use. Determine whether you want to make a braided, spiral or charm bracelet, as each bracelet maker also creates a different style. 

Braiding board: One of the most popular bracelet makers is a braiding board. This type usually has a clip to hold the string at the top and notches or loops to separate the string at the bottom. Depending what style of bracelet you want to make, there are different ways to tie the string or braid them over each other. 

Wheel: A wheel bracelet maker looks like a wheel. It has a hole in the middle and loops or notches around the wheel’s exterior. The string goes in the middle of the wheel and is held by the loops on the outside. It helps you create a bracelet by rotating the wheel and crossing the strings over one another.

Automatic or spinning: One of the easiest bracelet makers is an automatic or spinning bracelet maker. A fully automatic bracelet maker only requires looping the string and pushing a button. It then braids the yarn together to form a bracelet. A spinning bracelet maker isn’t fully automatic and usually requires turning a handle to weave the string.

What to look for in a quality bracelet maker

Recommended age range

One of the most important features to look for when picking out a bracelet maker is the recommended age. You don’t want to get a bracelet maker that’s too difficult to use. Since you know the skills of yourself or your child, view the recommended age as a suggestion instead of a rule.

Included accessories

If you’re buying a bracelet maker, there’s a good chance you also need the rest of the supplies to start making bracelets. For example, if there’s only one spool of string included, you won’t be able to make very many bracelets before needing to buy more, so look for a kit that comes with extra supplies.


There are a few safety issues to look for when buying a bracelet maker. First, look for sharp pieces or hooks that could poke you or your child. If you’re using an automatic bracelet maker, be sure there’s no way to get your finger caught in it.

How much you can expect to spend on a bracelet maker

Depending on the type of bracelet maker and included supplies, a bracelet maker costs $10-$50.

Bracelet maker FAQ

Do I need any tools to make a bracelet?

A. If you get a kit, a bracelet maker should come with all the supplies needed to make several bracelets. However, you can also get a bracelet maker or loom by itself, and purchase the string, rubber bands or other supplies separately. You shouldn’t need any tools while using a bracelet maker.

Can I create a bracelet without a bracelet maker?

A. Yes. You don’t need a bracelet maker to create a fun bracelet. However, a bracelet maker simplifies the process and helps children make intricate designs that would have been nearly impossible to create without help. Many adults who sell bracelets also use a bracelet maker to speed up the process.

What’s the best bracelet maker to buy?

Top bracelet maker

Cool Make 2 in 1 KumiKreator Necklace and Bracelet Maker Activity Kit

Cool Maker 2-in-1 KumiKreator Necklace and Bracelet Maker Activity Kit

What you need to know: With this jewelry maker, creating your ideal bracelet is as simple as loading and spinning.

What you’ll love: This bracelet making kit comes with 60 colorful spools of string to create multiple bracelets or necklaces. It also includes stylish clasps, tassel charms, end caps and two design booklets.

What you should consider: It’s expensive to buy refill spools once you run out of string.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bracelet maker for the money

CraZArt CraZLoom Rubber Band Bracelet Making Kit

Cra-Z-Art Cra-Z-Loom Ultimate Rubber Band Bracelet Making Kit

What you need to know: Trendy rubber band bracelets are in, and this kit includes everything needed to make your own creations.

What you’ll love: An easy-to-use loom, more than 600 colorful rubber bands, hooks and illustrated instructions are all included in this kit. You can create single, double or triple rubber band combos with this maker.

What you should consider: This isn’t a suitable bracelet maker for kids younger than 8 years old.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Choose Friendship Company My Friendship Bracelet Maker

Choose Friendship Company My Friendship Bracelet Maker

What you need to know: This braiding board helps kids and adults create intricate bracelet designs to keep or give away.

What you’ll love: This kit includes 20 precut threads in 10 different colors. Plus, it features a concealed storage compartment underneath the board to keep the threads organized and make it convenient to bring on the go.

What you should consider: The strings can sometimes slip out of the designated slots.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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