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Which bamboo standing desk for home office is best?

If you’re spending all day sitting at a desk, you’re likely to find yourself fatigued and stiff. Sitting for up to 8 hours a day can make you feel more tired and less productive and may even lead to long-term health risks. 

Reduce the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle from your work day by investing in a standing desk. Standing desks come in a variety of styles and materials, but a bamboo standing desk is an especially tasteful and stylish choice for your home office. 

Bamboo looks great with other modern and minimalist interior design elements and has a neat appearance to keep you distraction-free and motivated. The Flexispot Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk is the top choice for a fully electric, ergonomic and attractive bamboo standing desk. 

What to know before you buy a bamboo standing desk


Bamboo standing desks are generally either large, freestanding desks or petite risers, which sit atop your existing desk.

A freestanding bamboo standing desk occupies more space than a riser and allows you plenty of surface space for your monitor, keyboard and mouse.

An add-on bamboo standing desk riser is a small platform which sits atop your existing desk. It typically requires manual adjustment. Some models only offer one height.

Material and construction

Many bamboo standing desks have a metal base and a top manufactured from bamboo. Some bamboo standing desks use a wood composite alongside bamboo. 


Freestanding bamboo standing desks often adjust electrically with the press of a button. This is an ergonomically good choice, because you can get the height just right for good posture and maximize comfort for your wrists, back and neck. 

Some bamboo standing desks feature a crank which allows you to manually adjust the desk. These are fairly simple to operate but may not be a good choice for those with joint pain. 

Some bamboo standing desks aren’t adjustable and require the user to stand all the time. These aren’t recommended for someone just starting out with standing desks. 

What are the benefits of using a standing desk? 

Multiple studies have shown the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day, such as exhaustion and hypertension. Sitting for long periods of time is linked to weight gain and obesity. Standing desks burn more calories than sitting and allow workers to feel more comfortable throughout the day compared to sitting desks. 

Standing desks have also been shown to help relieve back pain after only weeks of use. 

How much you can expect to spend on a bamboo standing desk 

Bamboo standing desks can cost $100-$3,000. At the low end, you’ll find bamboo standing desk risers which sit atop your existing desk to convert it into a standing desk. For up to $400, expect basic adjustable standing desks. Standing desks in the $500-$3,000 range have extra features such as electric adjustment controls and high-quality materials. 

Bamboo standing desk FAQ

How do I transition into using a standing desk? 

A. The best way to get used to using a standing desk throughout the day is to alternate between sitting and standing in 30- to 60-minute intervals. You can also intuitively alternate by starting the day standing and then sitting when your legs begin to feel tired. When you begin to feel stiff or fatigued, try standing again. Be sure to take walking breaks periodically as well. 

What shoes should I wear when using my standing desk? 

A. Avoid formal shoes like heels or boots with poor support. Wearing running shoes with good arch support is a good idea when using a standing desk, especially if you work from home or somewhere which allows athletic footwear in the office. If you’re working from home, you might find being barefoot more comfortable. 

What’s the best bamboo standing desk to buy?

Top bamboo standing desk 

Flexispot Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Flexispot Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk

What you need to know: An ergonomic workspace with a visually pleasing design and an electric adjustable lift system.

What you’ll love: Rather than wrestling with a manual riser standing desk, this electric standing desk allows you to smoothly adjust your desk between sitting and standing. Ideal for a worker who wants to adjust their desk’s height while staying healthy and productive. Solid white steel base and attractive bamboo surface finish. 

What you should consider: Requires a drill for assembly which is not included. Ships in two separate shipments, which means there may be some delay between receiving boxes, though often both boxes arrive together. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top bamboo standing desk for the money

Crew and Axel Standing Desk Converter

Crew & Axel Standing Desk Converter

What you need to know: Get the benefits of a standing desk for less with this attractive bamboo standing desk riser. 

What you’ll love: An ergonomic, adjustable, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing riser that turns any desk into a standing desk. Features a surprising number of features for its price point. Includes ridges to support your laptop and holes to keep wires organized. 

What you should consider: Requires already having a desk. Some customers found this model too lightweight and reported splitting or sagging. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Fezibo Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Fezibo Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

What you need to know: A highly rated standing desk with electric adjustability and a sturdy steel lift system. 

What you’ll love: Adjust the height of this electric standing desk with the preset buttons on its base. Features a large, spacious work surface. Supports up to 155 pounds with an industrial-grade steel frame. 

What you should consider: Some customers report finding this desk difficult to assemble. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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