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Which grappling dummies are best?

Purchasing a grappling dummy is an excellent idea if you are into wrestling, jujitsu or mixed martial arts and want to advance your training. Grappling dummies act as lifelike and lightweight training buddies. Some grappling dummies require filling, while others come filled. The Ring to Cage Unfilled Grappling Dummy is a first-class grappling dummy.

What to know before you buy a grappling dummy

Consider the type of filling you want

Grappling dummies that are already filled are more expensive and meant for serious martial artists and studio use. Unfilled grappling dummies are less expensive and intended for home use.

Find the right height and weight

Grappling dummies usually come in at least three lengths or heights. You should select the dummy that is closest to your own height. Usually, the dummy will be much lighter than you.


All grappling dummies are fairly flexible, since they are meant to imitate the resistance and range of motion of your opponent. They also tend to have flexible ankle and wrist joints.

What to look for in a quality grappling dummy


Most grappling dummies come in black, but there are many models that come in other colors. Other dummies are mostly black with pops of color in certain areas, like the major muscle groups and the face.


Grappling dummies are usually composed of materials with great tensile strength, like leather, synthetic blends and canvas.


Filled grappling dummies use heavy materials like weights, pellets and sand. Some dummies come with a mixture of materials for optimal flexibility.

How much you can expect to spend on a grappling dummy

Grappling dummies vary in price from about $30–$350. The most inexpensive grappling dummies cost about $30–$100, while mid-range grappling dummies go for $100–$200 and high-end grappling dummies range in price from about $200–$350.

Grappling dummy FAQ

Can you get an adult grappling dummy rather than a youth grappling dummy for your child?

A. This depends on the size of your child. If your grappling dummy is even a little too tall, their height could compromise the technique, since your child won’t know how to execute holds with opponents of their weight class or size.

On the flip side, if you want to give your child a challenge by integrating the adult grappling dummy into their training, this kind of dummy is excellent for real-life applications and understanding how similar holds translate to people of various sizes.

How can you clean your grappling dummy?

A. You can wipe down leather and vinyl grappling dummies after your training sessions, but you might need a little more maintenance for canvas grappling dummies. You can hand-wash and air-dry the grappling dummy if you’re looking for a deeper clean.

You should avoid washing the canvas grappling dummy in hot water to prevent shrinking. Some detergents could cause the color in the grappling dummy to fade, particularly if it is a dark color.

Why is the grappling dummy only a portion of the weight of you or your opponent?

A. Grappling dummies are meant for light individual wrestling or martial arts practice. Grappling dummies allow you to train and experiment with various new techniques rather than weighing you down with an additional obstacle.

These dummies are also exaggerated anatomically to fit individuals of all shapes, so the weight and size of the dummy are meant to be average. If you want a heavy grappling dummy for more realistic martial arts practice, you should consult with the manufacturer to find the right recommended fill and maximum weight.

What’s the best grappling dummy to buy?

Top grappling dummy

Ring to Cage Unfilled Grappling Dummy

Ring to Cage Unfilled Grappling Dummy

What you need to know: This grappling dummy from Ring to Cage offers a rugged and durable construction for a great value.

What you’ll love: This model works well for wrestling, MMA and judo practice and absorbs throws and strikes without showing any wear and tear. The grappling dummy also comes with instructions for helping you get started.

What you should consider: This dummy comes unfilled, so you must find the filler material.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top grappling dummy for the money

ARD Champs Unfilled Grappling Dummy

ARD Champs Unfilled Grappling Dummy

What you need to know: This canvas grappling dummy from ARD Champs is heavy-duty and gives you a realistic way to practice martial arts.

What you’ll love: Molded in the kneeling position, this dummy is ideal for practicing specific kinds of holds and strikes. It works for judo, wrestling and MMA practice.

What you should consider: Canvas can be more difficult to clean than other materials. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Celebrita MMA Unfilled Grappling Dummy

Celebrita MMA Unfilled Grappling Dummy

What you need to know: The canvas material of this grappling dummy from Celebrita MMA will provide you with a pliable exterior, which is ideal for particular kinds of martial arts practice.

What you’ll love: This dummy comes in several different size options, so you can choose the appropriate size for your needs. The solid construction of the grappling dummy will also last a long time.

What you should consider: This grappling dummy comes unfilled, which helps you save on shipping costs, but you will need to fill the dummy yourself.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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