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What are the best Nike boxing shoes?

Boxing depends on quick decisions and split-second movements with your hands and feet. Outmaneuvering your opponent requires the freedom and confidence to instantly move forward, backward and sideways. Jabs, jukes and feints require a firm foundation.

Boxing shoes help boxers stay connected to the mat until it’s time to launch forward or sidestep your opponent’s move. There are many boxing shoes to choose from. Nike is one of the best-known athletic brands in the world, and its boxing shoes are designed for speed and comfort. Incorporating that quickness with a lightweight construction, the best Nike boxing shoes are the Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes.

What to know before you buy Nike boxing shoes

Are all boxing shoes high-tops?

Boxing shoes come in three cuts. There are low-tops, mid-tops and high-tops. Low-tops and mid-tops are built for speed and quick movements.

Most Nike boxing shoes are high-tops. This style is designed for maximum support. They wrap around the ankles and keep the foot firmly in place as you move around the ring. High-tops are best for boxers who need to stand in the ring to deliver and absorb punches. They are limiting for quick and sideways movements, but many Nike boxing shoes are made with lightweight materials that promote ease of movement.

Do you have wide feet?

By design, boxing shoes fit tightly to keep your feet secured. If you have wide feet, try out the different Nike styles. Some users reported that it took a few workouts to stretch the shoes to a form-fitting feel. You may even need a half-size larger than normal to provide extra space. 

Why are soles of boxing shoes flat?

A flat sole keeps your shoe tightly connected to the boxing mat. Flat soles let you bounce on the balls of your feet, which makes for quicker movements. Nike has outsoles with patterns designed for extra traction. The Women’s Air Max model has an expanded outsole that looks cutting edge and provides even more grip.

What to look for in quality Nike boxing shoes

Mesh upper

Nike boxing shoes are made with mesh uppers that provide support to the ankle in high-top form, but are lighter than a fully leather or synthetic upper. The mesh upper also encourages sweat to move to the outside of the shoe, keeping your feet dry.

Lacing system

The lacing system for Nike boxing shoes features extra strong threads, pulled together in a suspension format that provides maximum support. A lockdown strap on some styles crosses the top of the foot for even more sturdiness.

Memory foam

Nike boxing shoes are filled with memory foam that hugs your feet and molds to their shape over time. Several models incorporate the Air Max foam technology Nike uses in its running and training shoes.

Toe box

Toe boxes can be tricky and especially tight for boxers with wide feet. Try a half-size larger if the toe box feels too snug. If a half-size remains too tight, you may need to look for an extra-wide size.

How much you can expect to spend on Nike boxing shoes

There are three main styles of Nike boxing shoes, with prices varying by features and color. The HyperKO runs $110-$190. The Machomai cost $85-$110. The women’s Air Max is $170-$190.

Nike boxing shoes FAQ

Do I really need boxing shoes?

A. To get started, you can wear tennis shoes or cross trainers. But as your workouts develop, and you begin to master different techniques, you will want more traction in the ring. Footwear is critical to success in boxing, and boxing shoes give you the confidence to stand your ground or quickly move out of harm’s way.

Can I wash my boxing shoes?

A. To clean your boxing shoes, use a clean, lint-free cloth, soap and cold water. Gently clean the upper and let it air dry.

Can I wear wrestling shoes instead?

A. Wrestling shoes are popular with some boxers because they are lightweight and flexible. Boxing shoes are still best for boxing matches.

What are the best Nike boxing shoes to buy?

Top Nike boxing shoes

Best Nike HyperKO

Nike HyperKO

What you need to know: This lightweight, durable boxing shoe provides the quickness and stability needed to stay in the bout.

What you’ll love: Flywire technology supports your feet from inside, and a lock-down strap and lacing system keep them in place. The mesh upper keeps sweat on the outside. They have a rubber outsole designed for traction in the ring.

What you should consider: It takes a few workouts to mold them to your feet.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Nike boxing shoes for the money

Best Nike Machomai

Nike Machomai

What you need to know: These affordable boxing shoes are designed to keep feet cool and dry while moving around the ring.

What you’ll love: The mesh upper provides breathability and limits moisture absorption. They weigh 9.4 ounces for lightweight maneuverability. The gum rubber sole has been redesigned for extra traction.

What you should consider: Boxers with wide feet may struggle to put them on and take them off.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Best Nike Women’s Air Max Boxing Shoes

Nike Women’s Air Max Boxing Shoes

What you need to know: These women’s boxing shoes are made for extra support and comfort in the ring.

What you’ll love: The Air Max cushioning used in Nike running and training shoes is incorporated into these boxing shoes. The performance mesh and large outsole radius provide comfort and excellent foot control.

What you should consider: They’re more expensive than other Nike boxing shoes.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

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