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Disc golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. From 2019 to 2020 alone, disc golf saw a 33% increase in games played.

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Which disc golf backpack is best?

Disc golf is a sport that is exactly what you make of it. Whether it’s a fun weekend activity or you’re looking to compete in tournaments, a level and a community are waiting for you. From beginner to top of the worldwide rankings, a good backpack is key to enjoying yourself and performing well on the course. If you want a bag that can handle your discs, water and extras, consider the Infinite Discs Huck Pack

What to know before you buy a disc golf backpack

Amount of discs

If you just picked up your first disc golf set, your needs will be different than those of someone who plays in tournaments. You want something that fits your current number of discs but gives you some room to add more as necessary.

Amount of holes

If you just play nine holes here and there, comfort isn’t as crucial. If you plan to compete in tournaments or even play 18 holes regularly, the back nine can make you wish for something more padded and comfortable.

Skill level

If you’re a beginner just looking to try out disc golf, you can get away with a smaller, less expensive backpack. You could probably even opt for a sling or use a backpack you already have. A larger backpack is needed if you know you want to get into the sport or you’re already competitive.

What to look for in a quality disc golf backpack


You want something that fits your discs. However, if you have three discs and a backpack made for 12, it’s not going to fit comfortably or stand up well when placed on the ground. You’ll want to do a bit of planning before purchasing your backpack and estimate the number of discs you can expect to purchase soon.


You want to make sure your keys, wallet and any other accessories have a stable pocket you can put them in. A water bottle pocket isn’t a requirement, but it really is a nice thing to have.

Durability and weatherproofing

While waterproofing is more important in some areas than others, you want to protect your discs if you expect precipitation when you play. Even if you live in the most arid place, a durable bag is great to protect your discs and prevent premature wear.

How much you can expect to spend on a disc golf backpack

Disc golf is a sport you can pick up for a budget price and end up spending a paycheck on. You can get bags for around $20-$125, depending on your wants and needs.

Disc golf backpack FAQ

How do I choose the right capacity for my backpack?

A. You want to pick a backpack slightly larger than you think you need. While backpacks will tell you their capacity, anyone who doesn’t have a disc collection may want to purchase something a bit bigger than they currently need. It’s likely that once you start disc golfing and get good at it, you’ll want to keep increasing your collection.

Should I purchase a sling-style bag instead?

A. “Instead” probably isn’t the right word here. While beginners can get away with a sling-style bag, people who pick up the sport tend to be hooked, as evidenced by disc golf’s current popularity. Unless you plan to stop at a handful of discs, a sling-style backpack isn’t a good primary bag. It is convenient, however, for picking up a few discs for throwing practice rounds.

What’s the best disc golf backpack to buy?

Top disc golf backpack

Infinite Discs Huck Pack

Infinite Discs Huck Pack

What you need to know: At just over a pound, you can carry at least 18 discs comfortably, even if you’re in a tournament setting.

What you’ll love: Weight is key here. Even loaded up fully, this bag distributes weight well and is comfortable to carry. With plenty of zip space for small items as well as a light jacket or sweatshirt, you get everything you need in a smaller package, measuring 19 by 11 by 9 inches.

What you should consider: While you can store small items, a jacket and two water bottles, anything larger won’t fit well. The backpack tends to topple if not on flat ground.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top disc golf backpack for the money

Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

What you need to know: If you’re just looking to try out the sport, this six-disc bag is light and approachable.

What you’ll love: Simplicity is the main focus of this bag. Whether you want to get into disc golf for the first time or just want a light bag for use after work, Discraft is a trusted name in all things flying disc.

What you should consider: This bag only holds six discs, so your ability to increase your collection of discs is limited. The water bottle pocket can’t hold anything over 16 ounces well.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Backpack

Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Backpack

What you need to know: If you don’t need all the Infinite Discs Huck Pack features but still want a high-capacity bag, this is a cheaper alternative.

What you’ll love: If you aren’t a disc golf pro but know you want to get into the sport, this is a great entry-level bag that still carries 17 or more discs. Outer mesh and zippered pockets allow you to carry bottles, jackets and even extra discs.

What you should consider: This bag has trouble standing on its own due to a lack of internal structure.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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