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Which gymnastics leotards are best?

From young children to adults, gymnastics is a sport that any age or gender can enjoy. Whether you’re going to your first class or are an experienced gymnast, you’ll want to make sure to wear the appropriate attire. Luckily, the only requirement is a gymnastics leotard.  

There are many different types, including various designs and sleeve lengths. However, if you’re searching for a comfortable leotard with lots of stretch, the Baohulu Girls Gymnastics One Piece Leotard is a top choice.

What to know before you buy gymnastics leotards

Here are a few areas to consider before purchasing a gymnastics leotard.

What is a gymnastics leotard

From gymnastics mats to balance beams, there is a lot of equipment used in gymnastics. Thankfully, the only thing an athlete is responsible for is wearing an appropriate gymnastics leotard. A gymnastics leotard is a skin-tight one-piece outfit that looks similar to a one-piece bathing suit. It usually comes up higher in the front and cuts slightly lower in the back. The material is thick and stretchy to accommodate flips and stretching.

What to wear to a gymnastics class

When going to your first gymnastics class, you’ll want to be sure you wear the appropriate attire. Unless your instructor names a specific leotard, most gymnastics leotards will be suitable. They can have short or long sleeves. If you’re uncomfortable showing too much leg, most instructors allow students to wear tight shorts over their leotards. It’s essential for all clothing to be tight, as loose clothing can be a safety hazard if it gets caught on equipment. 

What to look for in quality gymnastics leotards

Here are some common features to look for in a gymnastics leotard.

Care instructions

While some gymnastics leotards are machine washable, most are hand wash only. Because the leotard will get sweaty during class, you’ll probably want to wash it after every class. The simplest way to clean a gymnastics leotard is to turn it inside out and gently scrub with cold water and minimal detergent before rinsing it off and hanging it to dry. Be sure not to iron it, put it in the dryer or use fabric softeners.


The most common materials used in gymnastics leotards are nylon, polyester, spandex, lycra or a blend of materials. Polyester and spandex blends are popular since they’re affordable and comfortable. Some gymnastics leotards are velvet, potentially making a child too hot or sweaty.


While gymnastics leotards are generally the same, a few different styles are appropriate to wear to gymnastics class. When considering sleeve length, there are short sleeve and long sleeve options. Both are acceptable and depend on personal preference. 

Another style some people may prefer is a biketard instead of a traditional leotard. This type of leotard features shorts instead of a bikini style. While these should be acceptable for practice, it’s important to note that the biketard style will probably not be allowed during competitions.

How much you can expect to spend on gymnastics leotards

Depending on the brand and material quality, gymnastics leotards can cost anywhere $10-$50.

Gymnastics leotards FAQ

Are gymnastics and dance leotards the same?

A. No. Gymnastics leotards are made with a high percentage of spandex to support flipping and stretching, while dance leotards are usually a blend of cotton, polyester, spandex or nylon. Also, gymnastics leotards tend to be more colorful, feature rhinestones or glitter and have thicker straps, as opposed to dancing leotards, which are generally a solid color and have thin straps. However, as long as the leotard is comfortable and supportive, you can use some dance and gymnastics leotards interchangeably.

Can you use a gymnastics leotard to go swimming?

A. While some gymnastics leotards may look like a one-piece swimsuit, they are not designed for swimming. Also, the chemicals in a pool and salt in the ocean can ruin a gymnastics leotard. Although if you’re in a pinch and aren’t worried about possibly ruining an old leotard, it should work for swimming. 

What are the best gymnastics leotards to buy?

Top gymnastics leotard

Baohulu Girls Gymnastics One Piece Leotard

Baohulu Girls Gymnastics One Piece Leotard

What you need to know: With a four-way stretch, this leotard moves with your body, making it comfortable to tumble.  

What you’ll love: This leotard comes in sizes 3T through 14Y and allows you to choose between 23 design options. It also has excellent diamond craftsmanship that will stay put and make you shine.

What you should consider: Buyers may need to size up one as the leg holes run a little small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top gymnastics leotard for money

Hoziy Gymnastics Leotard Biketard for Girls

Hoziy Gymnastics Leotard Biketard for Girls 

What you need to know: If you’re looking for a leotard with a bit more coverage, this affordable option, also known as a biketard, features shorts that won’t ride up.

What you’ll love: The material is lightweight, stretchy, breathable and quick-dry. With 25 different colors in sizes 2T through 10Y, anyone will be able to find their perfect leotard.

What you should consider: This leotard is hand-wash and hang-dry only, making it time-consuming to clean.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Zizi Long Sleeve Leotard for Girls

Zizi Long Sleeve Leotard for Girls

What you need to know: This long sleeve leotard comes in sizes 2T through 14Y, allowing everyone to find their ideal fit.

What you’ll love: This classic design is soft, breathable and stretchy so gymnasts can be comfortable while flipping around the gym. You can also choose between 15 design options to find your favorite leotard.

What you should consider: Users have reported that the tag is sewn in an awkward place, making it itchy.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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