SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A cannabis dispensary in San Francisco’s Mission District is responding to the crisis in Ukraine by raising money to provide medical and humanitarian aid to those affected by the Russian military invasion.

“War is terrible wherever it happens anywhere in the world but when it happens in the city you were born in, raised in, have memories of it is especially devastating,” said CEO of MediThrive Misha Breyburg.

Breyburg is the owner of MediThrive Cannabis Dispensary in San Francisco’s Mission District.

He has been following the devastation in his homeland.

“I was driving into work in the first day or two I had this huge sense of I wish I can do something,” Breyburg said.

To help any way he can, Breyburg’s founding partners and colleagues who are Ukrainian Jewish refugees agreed to donate all of Sunday’s in-store and online cannabis sales proceeds to Ukraine.

“I feel that this is a travesty that Putin and his cronies are putting the Ukrainian people and Russian people who nobody wants this kind of war,” Breyburg said. “Unfortunately, there’s little opportunity to stop him right now and I hope our government in the world can actually do that because it’s just terrible.”

The money raised will be donated to the organization Sunflower of Peace to help with medical needs and first aid kits for Ukrainian families affected by the Russian invasion.

Breyburg says there’s been a strong show of support to the relief efforts.

“Delivery has been off the charts,” Breyburg said. “We’re getting more phone calls and the majority of those phone calls are expressing they are calling today because of what we’re doing.”

And to show solidarity, the entire facade of the store has been painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Medithrive cannabis dispensary will be donating 10 percent of proceeds for the rest of the week.

You can donate to Sunflower of Peace here.