SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco woman is raising money for her father’s elementary school in Romania — where her father is staying after he fled Ukraine.

The school’s students are also refugees who escaped the war.

“On the first day they were anticipating 80 students and 227 showed up,” said Anna Kogan who is helping her father’s school in Romania.

With the help of volunteers, Kogan’s father Pavel Kogan opened a school in Romania for Ukrainian refugee children.

Pavel, a former software engineer in the Bay Area, went back to Ukraine in 2010 to run an independent preschool and elementary school.

Pavel fled Ukraine with his teachers and staff after bombs began to fall in February near Kyiv.

They found a Romanian school that offered space for a free school.

“For these children, you know, there’s nowhere for them to go and they’re kind of in this new country alone with their mothers and their fathers are back in Ukraine and they’re staying at these refugee centers with cots that are one foot apart from each other,” Anna said.

The school opened on March 11 and, so far, 250 students are enrolled — close to 400 on the waiting list.

With the growing demand, Anna who lives in San Francisco started a GoFundMe page that has raised more than $20,000.

The money will cover teacher salaries and school supplies.

“This education that he’s providing gives him a chance to be kids again and go somewhere else and be in a beautiful space,” Anna said.

Anna says she hopes to raise enough money to keep her father’s school open for 6 months.