(KRON) – As Western corporations stop doing business in the Russian Federation, following that country’s invasion of Ukraine, new local alternatives to familiar brands appear to be forming.

For example, a March 12 trademark filing with Russia’s Federal Institute of Industrial Property shows the logo of a new company that looks like McDonald’s logo. The new company is called “Uncle Vanya,” and according to a translation of the trademark filing, it will operate snack bars, cafes, cafeterias, and restaurants.

McDonald’s opened its first location in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1990 with a store in Moscow’s Pushkin Square, which drew lines of hundreds of people curious to try Mickey D’s for the first time. The company closed almost a thousand restaurants it’d had in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

McDonald’s isn’t the only Western brand that might get replaced. On March 3, Ikea closed its stores and stopped production in Russia and allied Belarus. According to multiple foreign and domestic news outlets, another trademark filing on March 21 has a logo of blue text on a yellow oval on a blue background reminiscent of Ikea’s. The name? Idea.