SACRAMENTO (KRON) — The Sacramento community is still processing the tragic shooting on K Street early Sunday morning.

The district’s councilmember shared how she has been processing the event.

The incident happened in the city’s 4th district.

“I heard a lot of emotion in his voice and that’s when I realized the scale when he started talking about the scene,” said Sacramento District 4 Councilmember Katie Valenzuela.

She was awake when the shooting happened early Sunday morning. When the Sacramento police captain called her, she was in shock.

“At first I remember not quite registering it,” Valenzuela said.

The councilwoman says since then they’ve been trying to put the pieces of the tragedy together.

This morning police released the names of the 6 people killed.

“It just makes it all a little bit more overwhelming to think about what our community lost yesterday when this happened,” she said.

One of the victims that was killed was an unhoused woman, named Melinda Davis. Valenzuela says she slept on the sidewalk near the shooting scene.

Valenzuela says city officials are also working on ways to help everyone, even if those people weren’t directly affected.

“And the folks who witnessed it… there were a lot of people out there who are dealing with a lot of trauma,” she stated.

Valenzuela also hopes this incident will spark more change when it comes to gun control.

“I really do want to believe that this is going to lead to some real change and I really do want to believe that these victims won’t have died in vain.”