SACRAMENTO (KRON) — Sacramento mass shooting victim Joshua Lucchesi’s family spoke to KRON4 news about his death.

Pashondra Turner, the mother of Lucchessi’s daughters is still making sense of what happened the night of the shooting on Downtown Sacramento’s K Street.

“He just got caught up with being with the wrong people basically,” Turner said. “Being around the wrong people. Trying to share his love with everybody. He just didn’t know how to give that up and say, hey I have to leave you guys where you are, and I have to be with my family. I used to talk to him all of the time. Now it is just too late.”

Turner has been discussing the loss of Lucchesi to their daughters. She says it is a very difficult conversation to have.

“Every time I think about it, I feel so broken inside,” she said. “The girls, they just know that their father is with the Lord right now in Heaven.”

Lucchesi was among the 6 people who died and additional 12 wounded during the incident. That same night, prior to the shooting, two of the suspects and Joshua Lucchesi were allegedly seen together on a live social media post, according to officials. One of the alleged shooting suspects was holding what looked like a hang gun.

“I have seen that video but that’s not Joshua,” Turner says. “Not at all. He was loving and caring. He loved his girls. His girls loved him.”

Turner has set up a GoFundMe to assist with the care of her daughters now that their father is gone.