San Jose VTA shooter’s home scavenged for evidence by FBI, ATF

San Jose VTA Rail Yard Shooting

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Yellow tape surrounds the house on the 1100 block of Angmar Ct. where the San Jose VTA gunman had been living for several years.

San Jose police and fire crews are joined by the FBI and ATF agents to search for evidence from Samuel Cassidy’s home, a short drive from the mass shooting at the VTA Guadalupe Railyard.

His neighbors say he was quiet and always alone.

Early Wednesday morning, 57-year-old Cassidy was seen on surveillance loading his truck with a large duffel bag while wearing his work uniform before driving off to the railyard just before 6 a.m.

Within an hour, he shot and killed nine people, and his house was set on fire.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff said reports of the shooting came in at 6:34 a.m. The fire was reported just minutes later, around 6:37 a.m. She believes Cassidy set a timer or slow-burn device to spark the house fire while he was away.

Now, there are two active crime scenes in San Jose. The VTA railyard is shut down until further notice with the sheriff’s office investigating.

Meanwhile, San Jose police, fire, and the national agencies are recovering what they can from the house.

So far, police have said they found explosive devices at the house. Bomb-making materials were also found in his work locker at the railyard.

Police are asking neighbors to stay away from the investigation area.

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