SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – No matter where you are from, there are words and phrases that are specific to your state or city.

Here in the Bay Area, we have multiple phrases that others don’t use.

Below is a list of some of the phrases most commonly used if you are from the Bay:


‘Hella’ is often used in place of ‘a lot’ or ‘very’ — For example: “I’m hella tired” or “That was hella fun.”


‘Yee’ is another way of saying ‘yes’ or ‘yeah.’ If you drag out the E like, ‘Yeeeee,’ that shows more excitement — For example, ‘Tryna hang this weekend?’ ‘Yeee.’


‘Slaps’ is used when something is very, very good — For example, ‘this beat slaps.’


‘Tryna’ is another way of saying ‘trying to.’ It can also be used in place of saying ‘would you like to?’ — For example, ‘Tryna grab lunch later?’


‘Finna’ is another way of saying ‘going to’ or ‘about to.’ This term is also used by people not from the Bay — For example, ‘I’m finna head to the gym later.’

The City

When people say ‘The City,’ they are referring to San Francisco — For example, ‘I’m heading to the City.’

The Town

‘The Town,’ similar to The City, is used when referring to Oakland — For example, ‘I’m grabbing dinner tonight in The Town.’


‘Juiced’ is used when you’re excited about something — For example, ‘I’m so juiced for Outside Lands.’

Outta pocket

‘Outta pocket’ is another way of saying you’ve crossed a line or acting out of line — For example, ‘He was being so rude, that was hella outta pocket.’


‘Giggin’ also means dancing — For example, ‘Everyone was giggin’ when E-40 came on.’


‘Hyphy’ means going crazy or hyperactive — For example, ‘We were gettin’ hyphy at the party.’


‘Trippin’ is used when someone is overreacting to something or even if someone is doing something stupid or irrational — For example, ‘You must be trippin’.’

Put on blast

‘Put on blast’ is a phrase used when you are getting called out or bring up information about someone that they didn’t want others to know about. The phrase has gotten more popular with social media — For example, ‘That girl put me on blast in front of the whole class.’